Johnny Boy - Save by Grace

Johnny Boy Price

A Gift from God

April 10th 1973 --- April 15th 2000

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Gypsie Johnny Boy Price

Johnny s Birth Name is, Joseph Creddy Price.  The middle name Creddy, is the Welsh name for "Believer", coming from the word "Credible".  This shows the families roots, as, "Christian Believers".

In life many people have names and titles, but Johnny was known by many.
 Because of his Romany Ansestry, Johnny Boy, was often known as "Gypsie Johnny Price".
Johnny was always proud of his family, and his roots.  Coming from the Welsh Gypsies, Johnny would often travel to Wales, to see , "the Welsh side of the family"

Price is the Family Name, and has a wonderful history of Boxers amonst its Generation of boys and men.

Travelling was in Johnny Boys blood, both on his Mothers side, and his Fathers.
Johnny Travelled to many Countries, for Holidays, visiting friends, and for Preaching the Gospel.

He was at his happiest when travelling with his family,  in the caravans, from town to town, and working as he went on his way

Go out into the highways, and hedges, and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled
Luke 14 verse 23

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