Johnny Boy - Save by Grace

Rasta Johnny Boy Price

A Gift from God

April 10th 1973 --- April 15th 2000

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Rasta Johnny

             Johnny Boy was also known as Rasta Johnny. This is because Johnny would love to reinvent himself.
Jackie would regularly put Rasta Plaits in Johnnys hair.

Johnny often visited the Cafebars, and Restaurants, around Manchester, and he loved being with the African, and Caribean  set, in areas of Manchester. He loved to identify with all people.

Johnny Boy was a Rapper, as well as a Rasta looking man. He was not a Rastafarian, but very much a practising Christian.

This man was all things to all people, so he could reach them, and understand them, and finally love them. This led Johnny Boy to do the Minstral Act, as Johnny Price as Al Jolson

Johnnys best Friend was a boy called Johnny Reggie. Here they are Rapping together..

The Apostle Paul said;
" I  am all things to all men, so that some may be Saved" 1Corn 9

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