Johnny the Evangelist

Johnny the Evangelist

A Gift from God
April 10th 1973 --- April 15th 2000

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Johnny boy Price, born as Joesph Creddy Price, was born into a Romany family in the North West of England. Coming from humble beginnings the Lord had his hand on him at an early age. Johnny gave his life to the Lord Jesus when he was 14 years old. From then on the Bible was his food for life and his spiritual work out of reading the Bible strengthened him from within.
He was led by the Holy Spirit to travel to different countrys to preach the Gospel of Good News and hope to the nations. He preached in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) and found his calling as an Evangelist and preacher.
Johnny has left a foot print of Jesus in the world in the lives of the people who still remember the man who pointed them to the cross of repentence and to introduce them to their heavenly father in Jesus name.
Johnny believed in baptising new Christians straight away and discipling them and teaching them with love relative to their circumstances and situations.

'Go thee out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature'
(Mark 16: 15)

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