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    Sowing  seeds  of  joy, hope, truth, happiness and LOVE.
                            Reaping  a  harvest of  happy,  healthy, educated  children.

The Sunflower Trust is a charity and Christian  ministry since 1990,and  has been  supporting over  hundreds of poor children and families, in  villages in Hungary, Romania, India, Africa , Bangladesh, Philippines and United Kingdom.  We have seen wonderful progress in the development of these villages and lives that the SunFlowerTrust has served.  This ministry is totally based on Christian principles and Bible teachings.

  Our  aim is to support the children with the basic needs, that they so deserve. These children live in very poor conditions,and there are a lot  disabilities amongst them. They have no local shops or Doctors on their door steps. Water is still drawn from wells and standpipes in the middle of the villages. We aim to supply,  clean water, good healthy meals and  decent accommodation, education,  medical supplies, and FRIENDSHIP  and LOVE, LOVE, and more  LOVE.

 We have a vision to establish and support a loving, caring environment. For the children to have the best opportunities to grow and develop, in confidence. To encourage the growth of the local community Church and Bible school, which we  planted since 1995. We started with a plastic tent, and now we have planted many Church fellowships, which has seeded fellowships in many other villages.
The work is  growing rapidly, and the labourers are few.....but we  continue, because the benefits, show in the  healthy smiles, on the faces of these beautiful children.
We teach them about the love of  Jesus, and now they feel the warmth of love and the spark of hope for a better future, and a knowledge of worth.
 They are being equipped, via The Bible School,  that is also the Church, to go forth into the whole world to bring the Good News, that they themselves have recieved. We have bought several properties, one was bought off my credit card, in  year 2000, because the need was so urgent.  
Its getting better, but,   WE NEED YOUR HELP
  If you care to help with this worthy cause in anyway, or would like to visit the children,

please email  Melanie (admin) AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS



Director and founder, also UNESCO Ambasseder Missionary Melanie Price
.Trustee.Evangelist Rose Roberts   
.PreacherJohn Cunliffe Preacher John Cunliffe-Web ED
 Peter Yates  Mr Peter Yates

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Kizzys 6 months in Cambodia 2011-12     


Hey everyone,

I know I said the last email was my last but I want to share this with you.

The group that have started to gather together has doubled in size. God has been doing miraculous things among us, many people are being
delivered and Praise be to the name of Jesus people are being set free

every time we meet.

As you can imagine satan is not happy and is trying to destroy this group.

However no power can stand against the one true living God. But I ask that you keep these guys in your prayers.


Friday I preached to the young adults, I just allowed the Holy Spirit to take over and just use me to speak His word and then I offered prayer for both Christians and Non Christians and you know, Gods hand moved
amongst them in a an awesome way, many fell on their knees crying out and confessing to God while others were praising and worshipping our Lord Jesus!!!


I had a great  privilege  to Baptise 7 people on Saturday at Kampot Beach. It was amazing each person shared some of their testimony and it was a really special day!! 

I have a few pictures of the baptism I want you to see.

Also a BIG thanks to the people at MCC who sent the hair bobbles, cars and balloons. Here are some pics. The slum kids LOVED them!!!


See you soon I fly home 2morrow arrive in England on Saturday.

God Bless you all xxxxxxxxxxx


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