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Albania May 2012


Thelma, Lynch,  Marlene, Melanie and Rose.

This short visit to Albania, took us to Pastor Jose and Nelimar, who we had met a year ago in Brazil. Their zeal for the people of Albania, led us to go in as a team this May.


 We were kept busy every day, and visited the local people in their own homes. They were very poor, and lived in very poor homes.
 We were able to visit both the men and the women’s prison. Thelma and Marlene went to the men’s, and all of us went to see the ladies, in the women’s prison.
Some were very old, and in for very petty crimes, but some were in for murder, and theft.  It was small and had a beautiful garden, which the women took pride in.
 Both inmates and the woman Guards were very pleased we came.

Team doing street
                evangelism...a man with no
                arms, begging on the streets, but he is a Christian

Teaching children to pray was so pleasurable, as they instinctively prayed for me.


The team worked together perfectly as The Lord gave each one a message to give to the people of Albania.

 God Bless them as they hear The Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the first time.
 Please pray for Pastor Jose and Nelimar, as they indeed would like helpers to bring in the Harvest for God in Albania.

Peace of the Lord!

Was a great privilege for our church in Albania to receive you and your group in our church, the people were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit.
Praise the Lord! Regards to your pastor and church that support your ministry.

With love

Jose and Nelimar Dias