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August 2005   Trip to Hungary

In August this year, we wanted to share our feeding programme with the neighbouring villages, and bring people together. The children came in their droves.

People on Street

The photos dipict, Milit cooking outside for the children.
  Pastor Laszlo, and Dani and Kati..borrowed a large tent. and errected it up in the neigbouring village.


Christian  hospitality was shown to every-one, and big pots of gulas, was served to old and young alike.


 The out-reach into the neighbouring villages, bought many people in with children, and with over-whelming needs. We know we cant meet all these needs, but we can give immediate relief from hunger and thirst.

        responding to the gospel message

 We can give our time and our love, and we can give an ear to listen to some of the problems. Every-one was so happy. 

Open Mission

The people are showing their gratitude by waving theur hands, and saying thank-you.

Praying team

Every-one gives glory to God. Over 300 people made a commitment to The Lord.

 It was a month to remeber, and one the children will never forget, the intent of the tent.