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The work in Bangladesh is more humanitarian at the moment, then anything else, but we did acquire the land last year,and our vision was to set up a small dispensary, to help the poor women and children in the jungle like area of Selette.

Fish Pond where women fish..

 These are Muslim people who had never seen a western person before, and they very shyly peeped at me from behind their veils.


They were so wonderfully friendly and hospitable, and feed me with grapes, and rice. We now have a small building erected on the land, and so hope to move forward, by start sending the medicines out, so they can be dispensed.


 Vitamins, antiseptic creams, and simple Ibufurfen, and Paracetamol. can save lives, and completely make a difference between life and death. In this village I saw many children with special needs and disabilities.


 The women were very emaciated, ordinary Vitamins can make all the difference to their very frail health.