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Thelma Lynch and Melanie Price

 This is the home in the mountain region, long way from the terrible conditions where they lived on the streets in the City...The women of the mountain refuge praying and thanking God for there release from the life on the streets

Forty years, is how long Thelma had waited for God to send her to Brazil. Curitiba is where her Brother in Law, Derek, had headed ,with his young wife and three children forty years previous.

They were Missionaries sent to the out back of Brazil, in an age when Brazil was just developing.

I had waited for 15 years, as it was a dream come true when Thelma gave me the date to go.

Me speaking to the people...

My Brazillian friend Sheila, had invited me to come to her beloved Brazil for a few years now, and I was so happy as she showed us around Sau Paulo, and shared in all the wonderful things that God was doing. We all went to the market place, and shared the Gospel of Good News to some local ladies, as we sampled their pastels, fruits, and preserves. It was just the right place to be. Jesus was always in the market place, with the local people.

Me and lady with her baby from the refuge...we pray for people

The weather was warm, but torrents of rain fell every day. I was frightened , as the lightening struck in bolts, and the thunder roared. The streets turned to rivers, as it flushed everything in its path.

It increased our prayer life.

We went to Pastor Bill+Mary Fawcett, at Calvery Church in Sau Paulo. We were warmly welcomed, and invited to Share our Testimonies. We had a chance to hear about the real situation of the people of this City. It seemed an affluent place, but there are many street children, and many poor people living in favellas. The rich area is rich, and the poor area is very poor and depressing. Crime is on the rise,and drug and alcohol abuse is rampant.

...This is the women's refuge in Coratiba, Brazil. This little boy and his mother have no where to live

We stayed with Pastor Jose and wife Nellimar and their three children, in the Missionaries house in the North of the City, for a night. We had a night of Praise and Worship that must have been ordained before the foundation of the World. It was Heavenly.

They have invited us to go to Albania, later on in the year , where they have an orphanage and a thriving Spirit filled Church. Another dream come true

We went to the women and children's refuge in a secret location way outside the City,in the mountains.

Forty women and children had found shelter, security,and peace, from the abuse and poverty of living on the streets of Sau Paulo. The founder is a Christian, and she cried when she knew that English women had come to pray with them, and to encourage them in their walk as Christians.

This is one of the humble rooms in the ladies refuge in Coratiba...Thelma giving sweets and toys that were sent from England

Moving on to Curitiba, some 300 miles SW, of Sau Paulo, we met with Thelmas relatives. The Pastor and his wife and their 3 children and their spouses and children, are all serving the Community in Curitiba. One girl translates the meetings, in the 5000 seater Church, into Sign Language for the deaf. Her sister runs the womens refuge , which house is attached to the Church building. We were able to meet with these lovely young women and their children, and our hearts broke as we heard their stories, of abuse, poverty and homelessness. Rejection, depression and confusion is all that this bought them. The refuge hid them and housed them, and gave them hope for the future for them selves, and for their children. God Bless all those whose compassionate hearts, give their time, voluntarily to help these less fortunate young women and their children.

Thelma and I met many people enroute. We prayed for people, and shared our life experiences with many travellers, and new friendships were formed, and our lives are enriched because of it.

God Bless Brazil, and all who live, breathe, and have their being, in that warm, friendly colourful Country, that has an alligence to Christ