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Our team of 5, came from UK, Hungary and Holland. Our aim was to take vital supplies of human aid to the refugees living in the Jungle Camp for refugees in Calais France, and to help sort out the tons of clothes donated from all over Europe.

Kizzy is unloading the clothes that she collected
              in Winsford UK..

 The aid workers had all gone home for Christmas, so we saw an opportunity to help. Kizzy Rose contacted Care4Calais, and they were so glad of our help in man power. The power comes from God, so off we went,with thanks to Pastor Graham who gave us a van and for all the people from the Winsford School who met all the needs for the supplies.

              and his wife collect the Christmas rucksacks to take to
              The Jungle for the children on Christmas Day..Distributing the Christmas rucksacks to the people in
              the camp

Muddy dirt tracks, lead to the tents, and shacks and old caravans in The Jungle, where over 6600 refugees are waiting to see their fate. After running away from war torn countries and looking for a safer and better life in the west, these people live in conditions that Ive never seen the likes of before. Men and women and children just surviving in these make shift shacks, because they have no choice.

Little Syrian baby boy is happy to recieve a gift for
        Christmas..The Syrian refugees built a Church out of boxxes and
        pallets..shows the horrendous conditions these dear people are
        living in

The Syrian refugees built a Church out of boxes and pallets

Sanitation is nil. No washing machines, no beds, no kitchens, no bathrooms,just wet, mud, dirt and disease,.......and yet,..they have hope, and they are hospitable, and they believe in their future, even risking their very lives to get on the ferry or channel tunnel to get a better life for them and their families.