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                                    Sowing  seeds  of  joy, hope, truth, happiness and LOVE.
                                    Reaping  a  harvest of  happy,  healthy, educated  children.

If you can help in any way, please firstly, remember us in your daily prayers.

If you would like to help witha fiancial donation please place money in any Royal Bank Of Scotland Bank

The SunFlower Trust

Bank Transfer/ Deposit to ---The Sunflower Trust

The Royal Bank of Scotland
Market Street
Little Lever
sort code--16-00-06 account no.10423590

You can now donate by   To

If you can help in any way by giving your time by going out for a few weeks or months, especially if you are a student or voluntery Teacher or nurse please contact Melanie at above email.

If you would like to donate Medical supplies, education material or anything which could be of use to the trust please contact Melanie as she would love to hear from you, every donation would be greatfully received.

God bless, SunFlower Trustees.