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Finland had been calling us for more than two years. But something good is worth waiting for. We were invited to Finland by a little Christian sister that I had met in Llanfarfechan, in N Wales. The Sunflower Trust is part of Love Wales, and the Beach out reach missions. It was two years later when we actually could get to travel there.We flew to Helsinki, and then took another internal flight up to the North of Finland,

1}  Id seen a Christian Magazine with a picture of two beautiful Finnish Romani women., that was dated 2005.


 From that point on I desired to go there to meet them. It was fourteen years later before The Lord would allow me to go there to meet them.

  Finland is made up of 10,000 lakes, and 14000 forests. There are only 10 million people who live there,and most of those live in the Major Cities. So there are people living in very remote areas, and have never heard The Gospel,

 3] We were overjoyed to meet with the Finnish Romani women, and men. The women were dressed in beautiful velvet ankle length skirts, that were bolstered out with a body cushion. Their blouses were made of silk, and their hair dressed in a very neat and plaited way. They were warm and welcoming to us.


 4} The Pastors at the local Pentecostal Church were very warm and hospitality. Ilki and Rita Pastored a Church of around 50 people. They asked if id like to share something with the Church, and of course it was yes. We re called to be ready in season and out of season. I shared my Testimony, and talked about the power of The Holy Spirit, and how He will always lift us up and spur us on, and the Church was edified, by The Grace of God.


 The Pastors cried and the whole Church came forward or prayer, and Ministry.

 5} I had come to stay with a Christian family, who had 6 children. It was such a pleasure staying with them. They lived off the fat of the land, and caught fish from the lake outside their tiny wooden house.

 We had found an hare that had just been run over, and was still warm. It was a liverette, and died instantly. We picked it up, and took it home to eat it.

 6} God gives us opportunity to revel in His wonderful creation. Finland is like The Garden of Eden.

 The family and I drove 4 hours up to the borders of Russia, to meet a lovely relative of the family. She was an Aunt and a widow. She had not seen her nieces for more than 7 years, because we had the hire car, it was an adventure and opportunity we could not miss. Our times are in His hands. Seeing the happy reunion, made it all absolutely worth it. He wants us to have a life of abundance, and to appreciate His creation of nature.