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The village outreach in Ghana.

Teaching people the power of repentance with translator spirited filled sister Mercy and hosted with Bishop James Koety
of Shofar Revival ministries.

Inner Suburb City of Accra from Lamb of God Ministries.


This month was awesome. I was invited to go to Ghana, by two Bishops from different Ministries in Accra. Bishop James Kotey from Shofar Rival Ministries, and Bishop John Cobbinah, from Lamb of God Ministries. It was two Crusades to be held in two different parts of the City. I started off with Bishop Kotey, although i was staying with Bishop Cobbinah, and his family. Everyday i was Evangelising, and Preaching, Teaching the students in the Bible Faculty, and even did a Pastors meeting in another area. I was out two and three times in a day. Only by Gods Grace, and by His Holy Spirit, was I able to deliver to the people the message God had given me.

Lady Bishop Mary
            Cobbinah with bible facility students of Accra

 At one stage i had to individually pray for over 120 people. Some had come from America.  They looked after me so well, and although i was the main speaker, advertised as The Prophetess, not by my wording, my translator was the best. Sister Mercy. For two weeks, i never stopped.  Even after the meetings,Pastors and Ministers would like an informal meeting with me. I loved doing the street out reach, and just going to the slum areas, thats my forte.
Much was achieved, and many souls saved, but they thank you they gave me, was overwhelming, and humbled me so much. I have a handmade Ghanian outfit with all the jewelry to match.just so i will return, as they have asked me to do. I have the most amazing pictures, Glory to God, as I enjoyed it so much.