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Going into Athens, in Greece was a real eye-opener. I didn’t know what to expect, but then we shouldn’t expect anything, except that we know that God has a plan for us being here. I was part of a team, but was told to go and find the Roma people living in the city, or outside the city, as the case was.

When I found the Roma camp, just outside the city of Athens, I went in alone, inquiring for the women. Giving sweets out usually brings the children out to say hello.  Speaking to the children was a great pleasure as they came out in their droves. The first thing was to PRAY, and then to SING PRAISES unto Our GOD.  It works every time, a group of children, and then some women, and lastly the men. Here was our audience, ready to here the Gospel Message of Salvation. Most of the people are Greek Orthodox, or like the Roma people, just taking on the Religion of the Country they happen to be in.


Once the Gospel was given, the precious people, sincerely GAVE their hearts to JESUS.  With tears and repentance they yielded themselves, by the power of The Holy Spirit. It was absolutely beautiful, and a great pleasure to be used of The Lord.


They were so happy, that everyone just wanted to dance. Tears turned to joy and laughter, and much hope.  22 souls gave their lives, and were saved.  The men confessed to some horrendous things, one was even a murderer, but truly repented, giving the whole family and community hope for forgiveness, and healing. We left them with some tracts in the Greek language, and once again, it seemed so easy and enjoyable, but that is only because it is all the work of The Holy Spirit. It’s all about building The KINGDOM, for The KING.   Praise The Lord for the fruit that will last. A harvest bought in. We left the Roma people in the hands of the local Pastor, who came out the second day and met them and promised to help them understand the things of God.

All Glory to HIM.