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It was freezing cold when I went to Germany to meet my friend Shila Geiss

The February snow had just cleared, and the air was bitter with the Winter rain..

Llliana plays the keyboard, as we sing along..Sheila, me and Sophie

Never the less, the warmth of the Brazilian Christian women, living in Hamburg, bought the Summer heat, and the Brazilian fire.

Sheila and I had this opportunity to come and share with the ladies, who were just adapting to the German Weather and Culture.

Eating together bought a unity within the group,and they showed their hospitality to this stranger.

Luciana, and the children join in the singing..Sheila, me and Sophie

How pleasantly surprised I as when Liliana brought out the keyboard, and the group came alive, as they sung and worshipped in the Holy Spirit. They shared their stories, and laughed and cried, as they could see how they had come through some nightmare situations, and now they were living in love and harmony in Hamburg. Brazil seemed a long way away for these lovely ladies, but the Group meet Faithfully each week, bringing the vibrancy and spirit of their Country to the cool Season in Germany.

Sophie was just 2 weeks old, and her proud Mother shared with us about her lovely life with the family in Hamburg. We Praise God for all these precious opportunities to share HIS love.
This was a preparation period for our next Mission to Sao Paulo, in Brazil, for the next Month of March