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This trip to Hungary was so short, but we achieved so much. Two of the Trustees came out with me to see the new building that we had purchased just weeks before. We flew from London to Budapest. The next day we went to Bag. It was such a blessing to us, to see the little children come greeting us.
This shows the meeting with the folk of Bag, and agreement of setting up the Sunflower Trust in Bag

The new baby had been born on July 22, and they named her Melanie.

These are some of the baby clothes you gave me. The pic shows me giving them out in Bag, Hungary

This was very prophetic, as we actually gave birth to a new Church, there in Bag.

These are some of the village committe members,showing unity with the British flag in the back ground

After the most wonderful, Spirit filled meeting with the Church in Bag, Rita spoke about her vision of a Church building, being built by the hands of the villagers. Before the meeting was over,
The Lord had laid it upon the congregation’s hearts to give, and boy did they give. One lady pledged a window,  another man gave a parcel of old land. The girl who was crippled, said she had nothing to give, but she would over her services to stir the cement, and so many people said they would buy bricks, or cement. Hallelujah, Bag gave birth to a building!!!!! Also I took a wedding dress and 2 waistcoats, for the Bridegroom.

These are some of the education supplies, that are going to the school in the orphage at Bag
We are having a wedding. David is marrying Shemi. They are the parents of little Melanie, but they could never afford to marry, but now Our God puts things the right way up.

 He has come to light a fire in this poor village, and it will never be the same again. Hallelujah, and Praise The Lord.............He Cares

After 2 days we went the 5 hours journey up to Nyirbeltek, there the Pastor and his wife Kati, came joyfully meeting us. Seven Pastors gathered around that table that day. They had come from different nations to Bless the new building, and to encourage Pastor Dani and Kati to go on, (as if they needed that). We all proceeded to the building, which is just two doors away from the main house.

This is the new building in Nyirbeltek on the Hungarian/Romanian border

These are 2 of the outbuildings that will serve as a nursery for the babies and toddlers

 It was already anointed, and you could feel the effect of the Blessings already. We went down on our knees in worship, and gave a mighty shout of thanks giving, unto The Lord. Already there has been a marriage, a Baptism, and a Dedication of 2 babies.

Our God is so good, and His timing is perfect. This building will serve the village planting as a Church, and it will also be The Bible School, resource centre, and community hall, and a conference centre, for visiting ministers.

The Lord has provided beds, and seats and soft furnishings,.......

Inside, the buildingyou can see seats and beds

......He never faileth......we are so Blessed, to see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living