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Trip to Hungary and Romania April/May 2009


On this trip we met with Willie and Betty Service from Northern Ireland, along with Michael Carling. Betty Price, and myself, Melanie Price, went with just one mission on our minds.

We have a High Commission to pray for the sick, give to the poor, and look after the widows and orphans.

Team ministrying...This is the Northern  Irish team who came with Betty and Melanie. United here is Northern Ireland, England, and Hungary

Willie and Betty Service, and Michael had not been to Hungary before, so all was new to them, but not the work they had to do for the Lord. They were the perfect labourers for this harvest field. We went to the villages and preached the Gospel, and then ate with the locals, who were so happy that we came.

First thing we always do, is Street Evangelisim, to bring them in,...This Betty Price , giving toys, sweets and gifts to the children
There were many sick amongst the people, so we did what we do best, by the power of The Holy Spirit, and that is to pray. They got healed, and then they danced. We went up to the Romanian Border to Cenger, and Pastor Sandor, and Kati his wife. What a beautiful group of Christians, who welcomed us all with open arms. Again the Ministry was applied, and much fruit was gathered,  by the hearts of the people.

Giving love is the best thing we do. This little child comes from a very poor home in Nyirbeltek...WE take Pastor Dani and Kati shopping, so they can feed the poor children of the village
 On the way home we went to Dunavarshvan, where we stayed with a widow, Rosa. We went to meet her Pastor, and he has invited us to do some work, in his Church there on our next visit.  Father God never ceases to amaze me, as I see peoples lives changing, hence changing communities for the better, by bringing in love and hope, and peace, in Jesus Name, by giving the truth of the word of God, by revelation by the Holy Spirit. Changing one person at a time, then a family, then, a village, then a Nation. This is the High calling of The Lord, who has promised the heathen, and the Nations for our inheritance.  God is Faithful, and keeps His promises, so we are claiming them right now.

Praise the lord for all His provision in this work, and for the obedient hearts of those who hear the calling, and come out with us.

Can’t wait to go again, and again, and again. . . ......


love in Jesus


Melanie, Betty, and team