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Prophetess Reverand Debra Sweeten came to London to make some video films for TBN and Revealation TV, on the God Channel. She kindly agreed to come to my home Church to minister to our congregation. She also prophesied to a sister Church in the Moathouse Hotel in Bolton.

 Debra wanted so long to come out and see the little Churchs, that had been sown by The Sunflower Trust, and The Templom EletVize. The Church of the living waters in Nyirbeltek Hungary. This is a 9 year work, and we have established a Church, and planted 6 little house fellowships, which are growing rapidly, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit, working in this far NE corner of Hungary. We were literally on a flying visit, as Debra has a heavy schedule, and is on her way to Africa. On arrival, it was cold and bleak, as the whole country was blanketed in snow. We took our long journey up to the borders,near Romania, but it gave us a good long time to pray and to talk about the work at hand. Funny thing is, we didn t know what Pastor Dani and Kati had in store for us, but then as usual, we wait on the Lord. The first meeting with Debra and the Pastors in the village was just electrifying, and the Holy Spirit started to move, as we all prayed for each other and with each other until the early hours of the morning.
                                Melanie and church members

 Next day, 11am Church service, and the local village people started coming at 10am. The musicians had come from a village about 6 /7 miles away, and the people had an air off great expectation about them. When the Church was filled to capacity, Kati started to praise the Lord in the Spirit, and everyone could feel the atmosphere changing. Debra was introduced, and immediately she started prophesying over the dear brothers and sisters in that tiny little shed type building. A great hush came over the children, and they sat with eyes wide open and mouths agape. The translator, Victoria, had as much fervour and tenacity as the Prophet. This is a new day, and new wine has come, therefore we need new wine skins. Repent of your ways and turn back to the Lord, and see what HE will do for you. Don t feel put down because of your low status, but lift your heads, you people of Hungary, because your Father is here…..the people wept and wailed as they repentented, and one young man fell on his face unto the Lord Jesus, as he sung a song, that no-one could understand.

                                                Melanie & Church

The ladies came forward,as Debra stepped closer to the people, and they came nearer and nearer to her. They fell to the floor, as the Prophetess anointed them with the oil and the wine, that had been given to her, from a prophet in Liverpool, who also came from America. The whole place was shaking and quaking, as we all ministered to the hungering and thirsty souls. Oh how happy we all were, when deliverance came, and the crowds were at peace, because they knew their GOD had visited then once again.My Grand daughter Kizzy, gave sweets and hugs to all the village folk, and they loved her. Many miracles had happened after our last visit. Kati s dad Zoltan was partially blind, now he is absolutely healed and can see perfectly enough to drive his car again. He has also be healed of diabetes. No longer does he smoke his cigarettes, or swig his unica, but he reads his Bible every morning, and now comes in to the house of the Lord to thank Jesus for his deliverance. He has lost 2 stone, and looks a completely new and younger man. His wife Elona, is very happy. The little girl who was crippled from birth, Erica, can now stand on her own and walk. She did not have the operation, but her parents said they would trust in God, and wait, well, the Lord did what He promised he would do, if the people will hear my voice and pray, I will heal their land. The people are praying and fasting fervently, and many are coming in to the Church. Pastor Daniis starting to set up a mens meeting, where they can study the Bible together, and raise up leaders from amongst themselves.

                                                    Church Members

 HALLALUJAH. What a mighty God we serve. The villages are very united and are pressing on regardless of the harsh conditions and the poverty amongst the bretheren. They are so rich in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus,I long to be with them for longer periods of time. £600 was given to the Church for its up keep and overheads.£200 is for Pastor Dani to buy a chain saw, so that he will nolonger have to use a big chopper. His back is heales after his operation, but this will make life a little easier for him. £100 is for food for the children.£100 for a camera, and for fuel for transporting the people back and forth from village to village. I really can t tell all, because there is so much that went on in between.
                                                        Little Girl

 The Lord lead us to a Church in Sakesfairhyvars, which is about 150 miles awat to the west. We ministered to Pastor Tabor and his wife Elizabet abd their 2 children . Food was sent in abundance to feed us, as now there was 9 of us, but their enthusiaism in receiving us was just over whelming. They paid for our accommodation and took us to the Church the next day…whow..what a surprising mixture of people, who looked quite inquizzitent, boy, were they in for a surprise. They yielded to the wave of the Holy Spirit, that came over them like a flood, and we all anointed them with the same mixture of oil and wine, that came from the prophet we met in Liverpool. Debra s Holy anointing, and prophesies to the whole Church, bought forth revealations, and healings.

                                                Melanie& Friends

The Holy Spirit bought man and women to bow down before Him. Lives were changed forever..and until the next time.. I will praise the Lord, for His great Love, Grace , mercy and favour on His people.  And the work goes on. Blessed are we, who have a little part in it. Please pray for the continuing move of God in this area, in these last days.
The names of the village Church fellowships are

Nyirbeltek The Church of the living waters

These are the 7 Churchs planted by Pastor Dani and Kati Beri with the support of The Sunflower Trust. Our part is to pray for them, to love them, and to provide for them, as we build together The House of the Lord.