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In July of this year (2009) ,Betty and  I, took a team of 7 people out to  Hungary. Three of the team were football coaches from London. They were not professionals,, but their heart was to serve God by doing an outreach to the youth, and children from the villages. Teaching football was just a cover up for bringing in the Love of JESUS, in a real setting where the young ones could be reached.  It was more than successful, it was  a Divine appointments, in Gods perfect time, so it was wonderful. The boys turned out ready to be the next Pelli or David Beckhams, some came with flip-flops, but God had provided football trainers, and t-shirts, and shorts. Our team was bowled over, so to speak with the discipline of the children, and all the support they got from the Sports Minister, who let us have the football pitch for free.

Football students in Bag....Boots shirts shorts provided

 Many children were ministered to, as the men heard their woeful stories, and about the poverty they live in, but regardless, they kept smiling and enjoyed every day of the two weeks that the coaches were there for.  In the Church meetings, were many deliverances, and blessings, as the Word went forth, and the people gave their hearts and lives to Jesus.

Glory be to God, and the work of The Holy Spirit, that arranged such a perfect mission.

He never faileth. Jehovah Jireh, gave HIS ALL, WE SHOULD GIVE OURS.

Clothes for girls....Melanie blessingyoung baby

My Grand daughter Kizzy, who is a Missionary in training, counselled the young girls, and lead one of them called Janet to Christ, oh what a beautiful day.. Our team was united in one accord, commanding the Blessings, and it came as we stayed up nearly all night, praising and Worshipping Our Father, who makes all things possible. Come on, lets GO, and do what Our Lord Jesus told us to do....the Harvest is ripe, come on, and labour with us to bring it in, NOW!!!!