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..2,Teaching the children 3,Santpeters, new Church
        planting, Miskolsh 4 The new Church Hall Sant peters 5,The
        Prayer meeting at Nyirbeltek 6 New Converts at Nyirbeltek Church
        7, The Caravan, for the refuge for ladies. 8 Pastor Donald Lee
        in fields of Sunflowers Please continue to pray for this work,
        as God brings in the Harvest

Pastor Donald Lee, Alison Wild

We don t often go into Hungary in July, but on this occasion it was an opportunity for Pastor Donald Lee from New York City to come and look at the work of The Sunflower Trust in Hungary.

We concentrated on visiting the three new villages that we had visited back in March.

..Pastor Donald Lee in fields of

First though we went to our beloved Bag, and saw the Church group there and spent valuable time with them. We did an Evangelistic outreach outside the village houses, that are so poor in this area. We taught the children how to pray, and Pastor Lee taught them how to receive The Holy Spirit by asking Abba Father to pour out His Blessings upon them. It worked wonderfully. We distributed some toys and clothes.


Moving on to Miskolsh further North, we worked along with Pastor Lajos, and had a lovely Christian Band come in from Budapest. We visited individual homes and prayed for the needs of the poor folk in that village. After 3 days we had the Sunday Meeting in the Town Hall, and many people surrendered to Jesus, and the new Church is formed, by the Grace of God

..The Caravan, for the refuge for ladies.

Our Mission Station is in Nyirbeltek , where Pastor Dani and Kati lovingly restored the donated caravan that we took there in March. Pastor Lee saw the 25 years committed work that we have been doing with the Pastors there. Now Pastor Dani and Kati have more than 10 village plantings, and are engaging in doing Pastors Conferences and Evangelistic Out reaches.

In Hadjuhathaz, we are going to put running water into Pastor Miklosh s house. It is very old and poor, and over 12 people live there, without inside water.

Praying that the work will commence soon , and that it will be finished by October.

Five, of the Szeged newly formed Church group went up to Nyirbeltek to connect together with Pastor Dani and Kati, and they had a wonderful time.

Pastor Lees vision of Sunflowers came to pass, as he had this photo taken in a field of beautiful yellow Sunflowers.

We give Glory to God for edifying The Church, and adding to their numbers, for souls saved, and for people healed.

We are a Crowd of Witnesses, to the work of God, saving His people here in Hungary.