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Trip to Hungary June 2005

Battlecryministries International
Fron the moment we set foot on Hungarian soil, something in the Spirit realm changed.
We were met in such a gracious manner, by Pastor Tibor and his lovely daughter,Anika.
The Prophetess and her team, were feeling very excited and expectant...of what, we didn t know...but we were soon to find out.
The one and a half hour drive, from the airport in Budapest, to the Church, at Sakesfairharvar,NW Hungary,passd quickly,as we heard about the Pastors that were coming from near and far.

We were accommadated in a beautiful Panzio, courteous of The Church of Love, Sakesfairharvar.
The Saturday conference at the Church was just as electrifying. As we, the team, entered the building, there was an air of antisipation, and sceptisisim, amongst the congregation of Pastors and Prophets. Rev Debra Sweetin moved into a dimension of high level Prophecy, which changed the atmosphere completely.
The Pastors, and their wives and families changed. Their countenance went from one of indignation, to a sense of awe and wonder, as the Prophetess spoke on Reconciliation to The Father, through the Blood of Jesus. Verses were taken from Malachi.

This new revealation,being bought afreash by the Power of  Holy Spirit,bought the Pastors and the Prophets alike, to their knees in repentance and reconciliation.
A new move of the Spirit had come, and they knew they had a visitation, from The Lord Jesus, through our visit. The 3 day conference, followed in suit. Many lives were changed forever, and forgiveness was recieved in Jesus Name. People rededicated their lives, and Pastors were once again encouraged to go on, and they were fed with the outpouring of Love and Mercy, as The Lord gave in abundance
Bless His Holy Name

God Bless you all in His wonderful name, and I lok forward to being with you again Dear Sister Debra, and the team