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Trip to Hungary May 2007
Melanie Price
Aline Robinson
John Wilson
Rita Varey
Sybil Lee

Our trip was 3 fold. First we went up to Nyirbeltek to see the Church and the village plants. Pastor Dani and Kati were in full health, and were very happy to give us an update on all that had been going on since our last visit. We were kept busy, as we took the Church Service in Nyirbeltek. Aline was our Preacher and Teacher. John Wilson, a young Christian of a year and a half, was our Evangelist, and Rita and myself were prayer intercessors, and coordinators. Firstly, the children looked so good. They were tanned and looking healthy. Pastor Dani and Kati arranged for us to go to the house fellowship Churches in the villages. We were so glad to go to Enchenga, were a new young Pastor has been trained up.

Pastor Robbie and his wife and 3 children, are on fire for Jesus, and introduced us to their new building in the village. They are a group of 20 or so, and are fervently seeking to establish the Church in the village. Our aim was to go to Ukraine, but because of the uprising, it was not safe to go. Sybil and myself had opportunity to go into the local school in Nyirbeltek, where most of our children go. The head teacher was very happy to see us, and asked for us to take an English Class, which we did happily. We stayed in Nyirbeltek for 4 days, and left money for the Church work, and for the poor families in the village. We bought paint for the new building, because it must be painted before August. The labour is free as the villagers have a painting party, where the women do the cooking, and the men do the painting. I think we can learn a lot from that. We took the train back down to Budapest, where we were met by our lovely Pastor Lajios.

After much greetings with food and friends, we went to the village of Bag, where they had bought some plastic, and the women had used a hand sewing machine and had erected a beautiful tent. We were to do a two day children's festival day. It was the perfect chance to do village Evangelism, and that's just what we did. The people of Bag, are extremely poor. The women have no teeth and they are so thin, you can literally see their bones. There are a lot of orphans in the village, and the extended families are trying to look after them as best they can. What a time we had. On the Saturday, the believers came in, and heard the message that Aline had bought. Afterwards, the people came forward for prayer. They received so wonderfully from the Lord, and many men and women went down, as the Holy Spirit worked on their inner man. The Sunday was a full day, of Evangelising, teachings and preaching.

Many people were listening, who were in their houses, because we had a PA system, that blasted out our words, and it was heard right throughout the village. Many people gave their lives to Jesus, and we prayed for people and they were released from demon infestation. We ministered from morning to night, and finally we Baptised 3 people in a local house bathroom. 2 women received The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Only God knows all the work that was done in that village. Every one young and old was touched in some way.

These people are so poor, but they gave us all they had, and we gave the only thing we had to give, and that was Jesus. My team members were all so affected and touched, that they also will never be the same again. We left money for food and medicines, and for the furtherance of the work of Jesus in spreading His Word.