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Its hard to say all the things we do, or have done, for I never look back on these things, and I don t keep a catalogue of what we have done. It just doesn’t t seem right to keep a record of good deeds, or how we have helped people. Past help is gone and to speak of it, kind of lowers the value of that help.

Entering Romania, we blow the shofar,and claim the Nation...Haddjunnanas, we danced with the local underpriviliged children

 This work has only been achieved, out of love, trust, confidentiality, and intimacy with the people, whom I love dearly. I only look forward to see what else we can do, and how we can help. A new generation is arising now, and I am privileged to still be alive to see the difference our efforts have made.

We feed the poor, the old, and the young,with love...Melvinia, and her baby boy,.We re seeing the next generation grow

Nyirbeltek, wasn’t even on the map. It was so insignificant, no-one wanted to go there. Being a poor village made up of Farmers, Peasant folk, and Gipsies. 16 years ago we arrived there, going where angels fear to tread.

...This is still the common form of transport in the villages

Now it is very much on the map. All the villages around have seen this Great change, and then desired it themselves. Order has come into these villages. People no longer will allow themselves to be ruled by the outlaws, and the bullies. They gained a confidence that made them rise up, and take authority over their own lives. Not allowing filthy language, and bad behaviour to be spewed in their faces anymore, but to quench it with righteousness and wisdom. Nyirbeltek is run by Dani and Kati Beri. We have assisted in opening and running,


Advice, and Counselling

Villages together Conference Room

Refuge for Women

Home for poor and underprivileged children

English School

We maintain the upkeep of two houses

The Community Centre                                                                     


Driving School

Bible School
Drop-In CentreWe Evangelise with the Salvation Bracelets,giving liberally

On going support for Dai and Kati, financially and spiritually, and practically

The Sunflower Trust provides food, educational supplies, and toiletries, and medicines

We bring Guests from abroad, to interact with the locals, so they can broaden their horizons, on both sides.

The Buildings are used for a variety of things, including Teaching Hungarian, and German.

We always, give money to the poor villagers, hand to hand, to relieve immediate poverty

And so I could go on but I feel like I’m talking about it as though to give us Glory, well I don t all the Glory goes to God, who has allowed us the privilege of serving Him