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Eastern Europe


We have been very busy since the New Year came in. So much has been achieved already,  I barely know where to start.

The Highways and Byways Ministry came on board to help us, after coming out last year. On seeing all the poverty, they went back to Ireland and Scotland and bought out two 42 ft lorries loaded with everything you could imagine. Food, clothes, beds, tables, bed-linen, toys, bikes, prams,  etc. The people were flabbergasted, and so very grateful.

Unloading Lorrries....

Donald and Shirley Bucanun, have already reported on this, so I shall not repeat.  This was the third lorry to go out in 7 months. There are a lot of very happy people left there in the village of Nyirbeltek, and the surrounding villages, thanks to the efforts of the Highway, and Byways Ministry.


The Hungarian Pastors, said, "There has NEVER been a move of THE HOLY SPIRIT, in Hungary like this before." 

Many Ministers are coming to have a look at what’s going on.    After the 600 souls got saved in September, God really gave the poor people a wonderful love gift from the Irish and Scottish people.


Many Thanks to All in JESUS Name.

The Villages that have received are,

Nyirbeltek, Bag Cenger.

Nyirbator,  Nyirvisvari,  Nyirlugos,  Nyirkata, Hatjuhathaz,  Hadjsamsom, and many other small villages with poor children, in HUNGARY, on the Border with Romania.

"for in as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me"  Jesus said in Mathew 25 v 40