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Team Memebers

Melanie Price Team Leader Director of The Sunflower Trust
Donna Clare Christian Theatre, Childrens playworker, and singer
Carol Unsworth Childrens pysycoligist and play worker
Jenny Geriatric Nurse
Ruth Vetenary Nurse/child interacter

This was a training Mission trip for these 4 young women. It was their first time out to a poor village. We went out to take money for Christmas. The Children will have a Christmas Dinner, and Party. We took out Christmas presents, and clothes for the new babies, recently born. Toiletries, were given out to each individual house, as The Lord led us.

The new building is being used to the full. When we arrived it was crampacked full of the local villagers. The children were so excited to see the girls. The girls were equally as excited to see the children. They forgot all about the harsh enviroment, and played hapily along with them, as if they were at home.

God is so Good. to tell of all that the Lord had us to do, and all that was achieved, would take a book. It seemed as though The Lord had streched time, as we were all streched to the limit. The 4 girls, or young women, gave wonderful testimonies that Glorified Jesus in all they said.

They Greeted the Hungarian people, on behalf of their Church, families, and Country.
Singing Praise and Worship songs, just delighted both adults and children alike, especially when actions were added.
Each girl, Gave a Word in Season
We all prayed for the lost, lonely, and the sick

Two of our girls recieved The Holy Spirit, and used Him to the full the following evening, when in Bag.
Interaction with the children was what the girls had come for. I think the children learnt them a thing or two. Playing with out words was amazing, and the girls could not speak the childrens language, but it didn t seem to matter, when we heard the roars of laughter coming from the children.
Carol and Ruth, have been invited to go to the Orphanage at Balaton. They ned experienced child play therepists, like Carol.
We all prayed for and with, Bishops, Pastors, and Deacons.

In Budapest, we got travell on every form of transport it had to offer, except for a ship or helicoptor...those underground metro stations are something else.........
We led to the Lord, Minika, Gabor, and some 20 children, who had come to the Church in Nyirbeltek, for Christmas Gifts, and to meet the girls....they got more then they bargained happy we all were.
Gifts of money, toys, clothes, and toiletries, were given every where we went.

Love, Love, and more Love, was given out liberally, with LOVE.
We Ministered to each other, and we all needed one another...we were a team.
The Girls had sacrificed a lot, to go, their Money, their jobs, thier comfort zones, their time, families, and so much more..............
but they OVERCAME, so many doubts and fears. they have, MEMORIES, that they will never forget. They have done ALL THINGS, IN CHRIST JESUS. They are ENTHUSED, by the Power of The HOLY GHOST. They are Armed and Equipped to go on, and on and on, serving the Lord, and working out their own Salvation, Serving The Lord, all the days of their lives
The Hungarians saw Angels of the Lord, but we saw Mighty Warriors, with Swords in their hands............mmmmmmmmmmmm when we gonna do it again..HALLALUJAH.....LETS GO.....................OUT INTO ALL THE WORLD, AND PREACH THE GOSPEL OF The Good News