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Novenber Trip to Hungary with 42 foot lorry
This trip was an extra trip out to Hungary, because of Outdoor Services, of Magherafelt,Belfast, in N Ireland. Martin Downey, and his wife Alison filled, supplied, and loaded the beautiful 42 foot lorry, that Martin and his cousin Danny, drove the 4 days to reach our village of Nyirbeltek.
The ladies of Magherafelt, Geraldine Mc Coy, and Alison Downey,and their friends, worked tirelessly for 3 months to  fill the lorry with beds, tables, doors, bikes, medical equipment, and everything you could possibly imagine, was loaded lovingly into that lorry.
The village of Bag, with 70 Christian people from the Church,recieved a wonderful Christmas surprise,and found now at last, they had a bed to sleep on. Look at Davids doors and new clothes, baby prams, and baby clothes, for the many poor children who live there.

; This is the 42ft lorry, arriving in Nyirbeltek, at 6am, on 4th November...Opening the lorry, literally tok our breath away. This is Betty Price and local lady Alonka smiling because of the sewing machine.

The doors were so badly needed for our own Church building, and for the local houses, which many don t have doors or windows   Praise the Lord for the bikes, it means mobility, and fun, and work

Hadjunanas  nearly froze with sheer delight, as they saw  the size of the lorry, and all the wonderful things being unloaded . It was wet and getting dark, but our brothers and sisters waited hours outside in the rain for the arrival of the lorry. We unloaded out side, on the grass,that surrounds, thier very small flats. Magdo and Paul, leaders from the little Church,just kept thanking God all the time.It was all done very effieciently and orderly, with every one singing,thanks, and  Praising God.

This wheel chair just came in the nic of time, for Zoltan, this little boys Grand Father   This is Pastor Ishtvan loading as much as he can in his very small humble ho

Little Melanie s Father, David, is so happy to at last know that he family can sleep on a bed tonight, with a matress, no wonder he s smiling   Here in my beloved village of BAG Pastor Ishtvan is so happy with his shofar, a gift from Dunham on the Hill Church Chester   This little girl Martci, is saying THANK YOU, in the only way she knows how. Thumbs up, and another Mission well accomplished, Glory to The Lord Jesus, who makes ALL things began with a thought, in Martin Downeys heart..
Pastor Dani and Katis village of Nyirbeltek, watched in awe, as, sewing machines, bikes,shoes,computors,medicines, clothes,food, toiletries and wheelchairs, and aids for the disabled were being unloaded with gusto. Everyone came to look, and the local men helped, with joy. The children laughed so much when they recieved the much appreciated football stripes from IRELAND, along with lovely coloured bikes, and toys.

Dani and Zoltan show off their new football stripes, even though they are from different football clubs in Ireland   This is the whole team kitted out. Alison Downey, ife of the lorry owner, proudly poses with the boys who recieved their dreams come true
Everyone wants to extend their much gratitude and love to all the N Ireland people , who made all this possible, and sent their gift of love. This was a love gift from Jesus.
The 400 people, who were Saved on the previous trip, are still on fire.They want to learn more about Gods Word. Pastor Dani and Kati are giving them Bible lessons once a week,and prayer meetings one evening a week.  Father God sent them wonderful gifts as a sign and wonder. The biggest gift was thier new lives, Salvation, and Forgiveness, and LOVE

These are the newly appointed Pastors. Pastor Micklosh and Ildiko   Loving Pastors, newly ordained,Pastor Tomas and Kuti 

 Building The Kingdon starts with loving Pastors and wives, Pastor Zolli and Margerit   When a new work starts, Father God will supply all our needs, and Zoltan plays his guitar wonderfully,as he leads the Praise and Worship. He and his Mother and Father help the Salvation Army with their music.

The Harvest was GREAT, and the Lord sent the right labourers, but still they are few. We need you to help us with this work.
Pease Pray, as we continue  into 2010, to Pray for the Sick,  Look after the Widows and Orphans, Give to the Poor, and Spread the GoodNews of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which Saves souls from death, and brings them into this wonderful light and life OF Hope and Love,  in JESUS