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This trip was very special because we had 7 people from Northern Ireland come out with us for the first time.   Pastor Tommy Kennedy and his wife Donna, bought their Church members with them. Wilson Scott, the worship leader, bought his violin, accordion, and flutes. Bridie Laverty, Margaret Buick, Alison Downey, Margaret Bradley, Betty Price and myself all  made up the team.

 Worship Team Praising Outside....Worship Team Indoors

 While we were on the plane, we witnessed to 3 people, and two of them received Jesus. The Mission had started, and The Holy Spirit was at work, in Power. On the way back, a young Hungarian man asked Jesus into his life, and Ida was comforted, as she had just buried her Mother. Gods timing is perfect

Pastor Lajois met us at the airport, in Budapest, with his wife Erika,

 After picking up the minibus we set off for our 500-mile journey, there and back to the Romanian Borders. The Lord never ceased to be with us. We stopped off first, at Hadjunnanas, where the village folk greeted us with food and a warm welcome.  We sung Praises unto the Lord, and danced as David danced. Pastor Tommy gave the Word, and then people were prayed for sickness to go, the local people who arranged the Hall, gave their lives to Jesus. We left after midnight. We slept, all 9 of us, in a humble little flat, with just 2 rooms.

We moved on to Nyirbeltek the next day, where Pastor Dani and Kati was waiting for us with a wonderful meal of Hungarian zuppa. We went to 3 villages to encourage the believers.

On this trip we counted 15 souls that were Saved, only God knows how many more were saved  People were prayed for deliverance, and Jesus was at work with the Power of he Holy Ghost. We Evangelised the villages, and old and young alike yielded to the call of God in their lives.  Oh what a Glorious seven days of sheer Bliss, as the Great High Commission was fulfilled.  We prayed for the sick, and we gave to the poor, all in Jesus Name, We preached the Gospel, and gave our testimonies.

Little children followed us, as we sung and danced with them. We bought a washing machine for the home, and a chainsaw to cut the wood, that was bought for the winter months. Food and basic needs were met.

There is so much more I could tell you, but for dignity of my brothers and sisters I will not say.  The love we received, the ministry We received from the locals ( this is a two way thing), who set an example to us, They taught us, how to live together, and love one another, to bear with one another, and to help our Brothers and Sisters in need.

We left very happy people, leaving a sweet aroma, of The Lord, because it was all done in LOVE, with which, if we do not have, then we are sounding symbols, and clanging noise.  God has given us talents, and a time to improve ourselves, so we can serve Him.  Its all about Jesus, Our God, and we all had to look again and assess our own hearts, after this very heartfelt, and compassionate trip. WE give GOD all the Glory, as we continue to serve Him with a joyful heart. Many were added to the Churches, and we all felt that we had an impact on that Nation once again, and they certainly had an impact on us. Please pray for the continuation of the building of Gods Kingdom, here in the Nations.

Father God has given us the Heathen, and the Nations, for our Inheritance, but we must go out, and claim it.


Oh Taste and see, that The Lord is Good.  Psalms 34;8

Come out with us and see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Love in Jesus Name