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From Ireland came Pastor Tommy Kennedy and his wife Donna. They bought along with them some Church members, Betty Price and myself, Melanie Price, enjoyed being in the Team for this Mission to Nyirbeltek, Hungary, and Romania.


Pastor Dani and Kati, put on a Pastors Conference, which bought in many Pastors from all over Hungary.

Eight village people were Baptised, and a baby was dedicated to the Lord Jesus.


On our 20th year of serving The Lord, Pastor Dani and Kati bought in over 300 people into the Kingdom, and the Church. We could hardly believe our eyes, as one soul after another yielded to God in the Spirit.  Soon the numbers had gone up to 400. What a harvest.

Captions on pictures

The children had not had something to be happy about for a long time. Donna sings songs and dances along with them...shows our Evangelistic Meeting in Hadjuhathaz, Hungary. A very poor village, with many children and hungary families. They listened to the Gospel, and bought forth their sick. This man in the wheel chair recieved his healing that day.

The Elder came along with the children, who pushed them in their  wheelchairs..., Look, the man gets out of his wheel chair. Miricles happened here at every meeting. The lame get up and walk,the broken hearted are mended

Over 300 people gave their lives to JESUS, and commited themselves to building His Church.  3 newly converted Pastors, were ordained, by the Pastors of Hungary, to take on the work of teaching and careing for the new Christians. HALLALUJAH, what a harvest in our 20th year. Since coming home another 100 plus have dedicated their lives....We who go, are just as ecstatically happy as the people, who have found a new way of living, and believing and loving, in JESUS Name

Little Bridie Laverty prayed for the children, and they showed their love towards her, with thankful hearts, as they surrendered thier selves to the most Holy Father God, who will now guard and protect them as they grow in His LOVE...Here are the new Pastors, with their very happy wives.

Three newly converted Christian men, had to be ordained, to Pastor the people.

Men, women and children showed their love for Jesus, as they got Saved, Healed, and delivered.  Can you see how happy they all are?  Gods timing is perfect. The meetings went on from 3 pm onto 12pm.  Nobody wanted to leave. Poor as these dear souls are they gave all they had, and received all they could, and no one was disappointed.

We came home floating, feeling that we had witnessed one of the Holiest times years, since our 20 years in Hungary. We all went up to Satu Marie Romania, and enjoyed sharing all the things our Gracious Father had done.  We can only continue to Worship, Adore and Praise HIM, for His loving kindness towards us, and His Grace and Mercy that follows us.