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LATEST REPORT UPDATE at bottom of page


This is the latest report from Pastor  who is building the Church in Andrapedesh. He is also looking after 31 orphans and his own son and wife. Is it possible to put an up date on the website. We have sent the money out for 7 water buffalo, and on Thursday 26 April we put on an Indian Night in our home Church, and raised 148 pounds. We are half way through building the new orphan on higher ground, and hope for it to be finished before September, God willing. They put on an outreach to neighbouring villages, and it was very successful. It is all gearing up to January 2008, when we shall be going out to do a Pastors Conference, and a Crusade as India for Jesus. Please keep us all in your prayers as we work together to bring this practically about by the power of The Holy Spirit

Dear Beloved Melanie, Thelma and Mark Curtis ,
Greetings to you in the name above all.
I am Thanking God for your kind prayers about me, family, church, children, Co-Pastors and ministry. By the Grace of God we can able to finish the gospel meetings yesterday night very successfully for His glory. Here I am sending some of the pictures for you to pray constantly to be strong in the lord until His coming and multiply in number strong core of believers in India through our efforts. May Go bless you,
Yours sincerely in His service,

Pr. G.


The Sunflower Trust has been supporting an orphanage in AndraPredesh for 20 months. We saw the plight of Pastor and his Church and orphans home. The Lord laid it upon our hearts to do something to help. Last year they had suffered a fire in the village, that had destroyed 25 small mud houses, but that made 25 families homeless and destitute. The farmers were burning off the fields, when the wind turned suddenly and just missed the orphans home. Thank God no one died, but the Water Buffalo perished through the fumes. The orphanage was used as a refuge for the villagers. Pastor  gave all that he could.

In August last year, the cyclone from The Bay of Bengal, hit the village, and again, the whole area was submerged under water. The waters did not subside for nearly 2 weeks. The effect of this was devastating. Leeches sucked onto the limbs of the children and they got terrible skin diseases. Dampness brought bronchial problems, and TB is rife in this area. Thank God, every one is well now. Bhuttiperlou, has been through so much, yet their Faith and Trust in The Lord has never wavered. They have literally walked on the waters.


This was my first trip to India, and I was absolutely thrilled to have the privilege to go, as The Lord sent me. I spent the first 2 weeks with the Rev Carol Burstow, and her team. We went into the Schools, and Prisons and Orphanages, in Tiriphati, and Kotayam in Kearella. We went in to the Leper Colony, where Pastor Joel Mayor and his wife had worked for over 35 years. We Sung, danced, preached, taught, and told stories, all for the Glory of the Gospel, and sharing the love of Jesus. The Holy Spirit moved, where ever we went, for this is the time for Asia.
Finally after saying farewell to Rev Carol, Thelma Lynch and myself made our way up to Tenalli, AP. We were met by Pastor G and Pastor P at the Tenalli train station. It was 12.05pm, and we were very tired. The first thing I saw were lovely young women carrying bundles and buckets on their heads, as Pastor told me they were going away to the paddy fields for 20 odd days to work in the rice fields. On reaching the town, I remember seeing hogs and wild boar rummaging through the rubbish that had been left by the market, that had been on earlier that day. We rested in a little room, over a cafe, and the next morning we were taken by car the 35km journey to the village. Enroute we saw forms of transport that defield human understanding. Such as 6&7 people on a bike. Oxen pulling heavy loads of wood and bamboo, that reached the sky. Women carried whole tree trunks on their heads, it was just awesome to see.

The orphanage is set in a very rural place, within a village.
The children had been praying for us for a long time. The Pastors and the children had never seen foreigners before, never mind white women.

Every where we went, people just stood and stared in amazement. In turn we stared back in awe and wonder. The floods had washed a lot of the road away, and dirt tracks ran off the village in all directions. The children and staff greeted us by putting garlands of flowers around our necks.

They had waited patiently to meet us. We started by telling the children a story, and then we sung to them. We played games with them, and then gave them all gifts. The children are aged between 2 to 16. There was absolute harmony and order in the home. You could feel the love and respect that they had for each other. Pastor runs a well Governed home, and the children have found a wonderful Father in him. He and his wife, J, have 1 baby son, called John. The children are fed 3 times a day, at set hours. They start their day at 5am. Washed and dressed, and then plates ready for breakfast. Everyone washes their own plate and cup. Quietly and orderly they line up to go to school, which is just a few km away from the village. The children are taught The Bible every day. A teacher is in the home every day teaching the children.

This has enabled 7 of the Children to obtain Diplomas. Pastor  commands excellency, and he does it with love and respect. Pastor has a Church of 70 people, plus the children. The area is predominantly Hindu and Muslim. Thehols Christian presence in this area is having a profound effect. Pastor  has raised up Pastors from his Church, and sent them out into neighbouring villages, where they have set up Churches, and Bible Schools. The souls of these people are hungry for the Truth of the Gospel. Many people have had healings, and people have been raised from the dead. The Holy Spirit is working miracles and wonders in this area, and it is showing on the faces of the villagers. We eat rice and chicken with the children. Oh how my heart delighted in being at the heart of the home with these marvellous people, who have a heart for Jesus.
We were cordially introduced to so many local people, and shown the work of the new orphanage on higher ground.

This 2 storey building will house the children down stairs, where it is cool, and the Church will be on the upper floor, where the praises of The Lord will be heard all over the village, and beyond. We are going to buy some water buffalos, so that the orphanage can be self sufficient.

Pastor   told me that these creatures can be milked 3 times a day. Some milk will be used for the home, but the rest will be sold to the dairy, where the money will be used for the upkeep of the orphanage. This is such a simple theory, and we are going to put it into practise. Please pray for sponsors to buy a water buffalo. They cost between 200 and 250 pounds each we want 10. We also would like volunteers to go out and help build the orphanage. We know Jesus will finish what He started.


Dear Beloved Melanie

Greetings to you in the name above all names,
Praise God that I got the money safely to my account and here is the present condition of the building. I too happy to see the flight tickets for the next year "India for Jesus crusade". The new construction of building in the down floor consuming lot's of money and there is still we need to do Plastering, Iron grills, Cup boards, Floor, Windows, Doors, Plumbing, Painting, Electrical work and compound walls.
I will try to do the necessary works only so that we can able to save money .Here the Sunday service time is at hand to me and will get back to you with all the updates soon.

Thanks for your co-operation.
May God bless all of you.
Yours in Him,

Pastor G

Latest REPORT UPDATE July 2007

Here are the Buffallo, that have been recently bought, thanks to our wonderful brothers and sisters, who gave so generously and freely.


If you put this on the web, can you please say Thank you to all who supported. This could not have happened with out their gifts.

God Bless you all

love in Jesus Melanie Price

The Sunflower Trust