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                                    Sowing  seeds  of  joy, hope, truth, happiness and LOVE.
                                    Reaping  a  harvest of  happy,  healthy, educated  children.

The  Sunflower Trust is a  charity established by  Melanie  Price,  The  trust aims to  financially support  the  poor  children of  Hungary  and  Romania. Nyirbeltek is  small a village in  the  north-east of Hungary, on the  Romanian  border. The  Sunflower  Trust's  aims  are  to  support  the  children with  the  basic  needs that they so rightly deserve;  clean  water, food, accommodation, clothes, medicine, education, Christian love  and  friendship, (lots of  it).

Our objectives are;

To  give continuity of  love, care and to support  the  Pastor  and  his  wife,  who  work  tirelessly  for these  poor  children, in their  village.
To provide  money, to develop the  living  environment, e.g. houses  to live  in, school, and education resources, and  community  building. There is also  a  medical  programme  in  operation.  A  health  awareness  nurse  visits the village once a month. (head lice  are rife, so is scabies).

The children  are taught English once a week.
To   put  hope  and  confidence  into their  lives.

To  build  a  better  future  for them,  and  their  future  generations, with-out them losing  either  identity or  culture.

Our  vision

Is to establish and  support orphanages and schools, and promote Christian  awareness, in   the neigbouring countries of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and  the  Ukraine,  included in this is our aim is  to  befriend  people  of  all  ethnic  origins,  and  serve  them well by resourcing their  needs.

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