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We were invited to go to Belfast to support the Shammah Dancers, headed by Jinny White.

The Shammah Israeli Propetic Dancers
The Shammah Dancers are a Prophetic Dance Group who travel all over the World Dancing Jewish Dances and Prophetically changing the atmosphere by their dancing and proclamations.
This time they were invited to go to Stourmount, (The Parliament Building in Belfast)to do their Spiritual Dancing right out side the Stourmount Castle
, by Barry and Batya Seggal, the Messianic Teachers from Israel.
This is a miracle, as it has never been allowed before.
 The mood was electrifying as everyone joined in the Joyeus dance of Havva le Heva. The mourning was turned into dancing. Just as David did on his return to Jerusalem, from war, and with Victorious dancing, as a sign of Thanks unto The Lord

Supporters outside Stormont Belfast

"Top of Morning", to Stormont Belfast

Barry and Batya Segal, bring the Prophetic Word for the people of Ireland