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The Spirit of Gospel Choir from Piacenza in Italy, came to Wales in October 2014.
Fifty two memebers came to The Oasis Christian Center, in Penmenmawr, North Wales. After listening to Pastor Ettienne and Pastor Bilibi give the Truth of The Gospel, and shared the Bible, and its full meaning,The Holy Spirit of God came and moved amongst this very special group of people. They sung like never before as they were filled with the true "Spirit of God". Their lives have changed from that point on, and now they really have the true "Spirit of God".

They were hungary for more, and so,we were invited to go to visit The Spirit of Gospel Choir in August 2015. Thelma and Kizzy and Pastor Ettienne, shared once more John 3 verse 3, Jesus said" You must be born again to enter The Kingdom of Heaven"

The team were welcomed warmly in the Choir Masters home, and fellowship was shared, until the evening drew to a close, in the beautiful Tarvo Valley.

Outside meeting in Travo Italy

Uniting Nations once again, Anna Farnetti, the Choir Masters wife, will be meeting Ronto Attila and Kitty in Budapest later on this New Year, to make new alliance and cement relationships with two Countries, for The Lords Glory and Honour.