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I am so much humbled by the visitation of Kohsin Illingworth and Mama Melanie Price. There coming in Kenya is a such a God sending and Godly timing in such a moment that God wanted to restore, heal, mend the broken hearted, rededication and recommitment to the calling and will of God.

Kohsin and Mama Melanie arrived in Kenya on 5th October 2022, at the arrival they were accompanied by the power of Holy Spirit everywhere they went, I personally met them at the airport at 1am on 6th, on 6th they decided to make an impromptu visit to one church in Nairobi Kangemi called Adonai Bible ministry under pastor Billy Shichewe my friend, in this church though was not on the list, was a preparation field for the work that was a head of them, through the power of Holy Spirit, Mama Melanie was led to anoint pastor Billy which took him by storm kneeling down and being anointed of the Holy Spirit, he started talking in the that was never before, also I was not spared by the power of Holy Spirit, I found myself kneeling before this minister of God, she also prayed for me and I received the insight and power.

This visitation was such a restoration and healing for this church that was struggling in spiritual walk, but after such amazing session, God lifted off the burden of the church and now people are coming back.

On the same day we boarded to Kisumu region, here a group of bishops came to welcome the missionaries and to a sure them that they will walk with them and give them any help they might need. On 8 th. October 2022 the meeting was held in A.C.K St. Monica church Nymasaria.

In this church, Kohsin and Mama Melanie were able to interact with those affected by HIV and AIDS, it was such an amazing moment that people seeing Kohsin breaking stigma of HIV and declaring healing among the people. There was hope that was restored through Kohsin's testimony story and prayers which revived people's hearts.

On 9th October 2022, the team attended a joined service that was prepared just for the two, mama Melanie shared a very powerful sermon that stirred people's hearts and Kohsin shared her testimony, their people melted and they all came to be prayed for by both Kohsin and Mama Melanie. During the prayer session, Kohsin and Mama Melanie anointed the sick and elders who anointed their own people through the power of Holy Spirit.

There was such overflow of the power that one man who suffered trauma and lost part of his mind was restored and his mind changed through anointing service, even himself could not understand what was happening to him until after three day is when people can tell by his actions. What a powerful testimony!!! Again in the same service, one lady who had ran out of her marriage after much fighting with the husband decided to forgive his husband and their marriage was restored on the very Sunday evening!!! Here God used mama Melanie support the print of 200copies and by the grace of God, they where multiplied to 250 copies which are being used with the leaders as the preaching tool to encourage people during evangelism. We went a head and mama Melanie kneeled down to serve and wash the feet of an elderly mama who was sick and in much pain, God healed that mama and now she is strong and back to her normal routine as strong mama.

During this service, both Kohsin and Mama Melanie were given honour and privilege to plant trees as a sign of remembrance of such an amazing encounter with God. Again in the services, there was a young lady who was leaving with demons, she was set free and delivered completely. Because of such visitation, another mama decided to bless these two missionaries.

On 10th. October 2022, was a day and visited the lake Victoria vicinity and was such a relaxing day.

On 11th October 2022 we visited Lukume church, here God did a great work through Kohsin's testimony, her testimony awakened people's hearts and now there is a Church with people worshipping God.

On 12th October 2022, we visited the Buhuru Church, this was a working day but people decided to wait for Kohsin and Mama Melanie until they arrived, their massage was such different from the normal gospel, was full of power and authority that restored people's hearts and saved people's hearts from hell back to Christ, her testimony brought hope among the people to the extent that one lame man decided also to break the trauma and be a good ambassador of hope to vulnerable people. During this service, I saw whole people including pastors and bishops running to be prayed for and rededicating their lives back to Christ. Revival was happening in a powerful way Christ intended it.

On 13th. October 2022, we again went to Mayoni LWM church, here was more powerful than never before. At the start of the meeting, there were about 80 people present, what surprised me is when Mama Melanie was preaching with boldness, her voice attracted people who were passing by and the whole church was full and no space was left. At the end of the service over 200 people attended, and is by the Spirit of God. During this service, after Kohsin shared her testimony, she called for healing service, when the anointing service was taking place and praying for people, one man was present, who was paralyzed one side of his body, and without his knowledge after he was anointed, he started feeling whole, but he couldn't say it because he thought was a dream, but next day said it that God healed him during the service and started to shout what the Lord did to him. What a service!!! Glory to God ?

On 14, the team had time to relax and prayerfully meditating on the Lord for the next day.

On 15th, we visited the Maraba LWM church in Kakamega. Here people were filled with joy and hope restored. They were welcomed by joy praise singing and dancing with beautiful melody songs of joy overflowing of Holy Spirit. During the service, one young man decided to get back home after long being out of the family, again here we find the a lady breaking the stigma and decided to help the vulnerable people by preaching hope to the hopeless.

16th October 2022, we went back to kisumu for the combined service at A.C.K st Monica Nyamasaria. Here mama Melanie had opportunity to share gospel of liberty and people opened their eyes to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, again when Kohsin shared her testimony, being this region is the hot sport of HIV, people started to realise the power of God and the forgiveness of sin. Again the power of forgiving.

Again on the same day we went to the Baptist church Milimani where Kohsin shared her testimony and revived hope that was lost. Before people thought having HIV is a death sentence but through her testimony brought light of hope and now people are able to face it and live without panic and fear. Trusting God more and more for the glory of God.

On 17th October 2022, we went together at Nambale Kaleo Bible institute.. here we met with a group of students from different parts of the country and outside the country. Kohsin's testimony challenged their hearts rededicating their lives to Christ. 

  On 18th again Kohsin and Mama Melanie went black to Nairobi for the preparation to fly back, but before that, they visited the Nairobi national park which gave them opportunity to interact with animals and had wonderful moments. On 19th before flying back, these missionaries went back to Kangemi Adonai Bible ministry where they first started by praying for pastor Billy and myself, and had wonderful moments, interacted with people and finished with revival service!! Wow!! Glory and honour back to God.

In this mission trip, our missionaries visited 9 different churches, with 2 churches visited twice and making 11 services.

During this trip, 250 copies of testimony were printed and distributed, 10 real mum books were given to different church leaders. And more copies of testimony in the process of printing.

My gratitude goes to the families of Kohsin and Mama Melanie for accepting them to come and be obedient to the call of God and what they have done is so powerful and not only powerful but also pleasing to the eyes of God. My special thank you is to pastor Lily for encouraging Kohsin to come and also pastor to our Mama Melanie, thank you so much.


1. Please keep praying for Kenya we are facing challenges like HIV stigma and many sickness and we are loosing many people for the lack of information

2. Please pray for our churches that may keep the fire burning and missionaries like myself who are going through much much trials and persecution, our families lack food, lack clothings, lack education, walking long distances preaching the gospel.

3. Keep praying for the CBO

Yours faithfully

Missionary: Stephen Malikah Mutuli