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Feed my Lambs Feeding Programme, is with Pastor John and Ann Turner, who have started this very new Ministry, feeding the very poorest of children in Phennompen, Cambodia. This shows the simple way they prepare the rice, meat and veg in white food packs in their own home. They live there, and have adopted two Cambodian girls.


This is who the food packs are going to. Children who are very poor, because of one parent families, or because of no work, or sickness, or parents have died, and left with elderly Granma s. They live in the slum area.

This is Ann, showing her wonderful skills of giving her love to the babies

Kizzy Price also has this love in her, to give out in abundance, even going up the extra step ladder, to give a cuddle to this beautiful baby, who has survived because of the feeding programme, that John and Ann are doing 3 times a week.

This dear man has no arms, due to an accident in a saw mill. He has 5 small children, and he is very happy to receive the food packs for his children, as he can’t work any more

 Here is Jane Young, and myself, in the make shift kitchen in the slum area, giving out rice and soup