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Hi Everyone!!!
Hope you are well in the Mighty Name Of Jesus!!!
Well today everything has started, and my schedule in crammed packed.
Not that you guys want to know but I'm gonna tell you anyway because its all done by God!!
Monday - Thursday= 7.30-11am (Children arrive at 6!) I teach English to grades 1-5
1pm - 5pm I help teach the teachers
5.30pm - 6.30pm I teach the youth English. different classes Level 4 mon, tues, level 3 wed and level 2 thurs 
During that Time I am to teach Bible classes to the younger ones. Which is My most important aim!!  Im just palnning a meeting with the Bible class teacher to fit me in when he is able to!!

Here are a few pictures for you to look at
These are some of the houses outside the place I am staying.

The Cambodian Girls are the ones who invited us for dinner. and the family who lived next door
This is me and the YWAM team helping paint some equipment at there church. A picture with the team before they set off to Bangkok.


And there are a few photos of the Killing fileds and prison.

These are the
            tortured and killed in Penom Penn...Torture bed
Oh and here are a few of the Children.

I am doing well, the americans went home home yesterday but one of the girls said she was thinking about coming back to stay with me after Christmas which would be great, I will start teaching level4 on Monday and swapping around during my time here, I will also be teaching in the primary classes sharing the Love of Jesus and Bible stories aswell as ABC, 123.

I had some free time this week before I start properly so,
This week I went to the Killing fields and the prisons with two of the teachers here so three of us went on the one moped it was an experience!.  It was so strange and so horrific at the Killing Fields and the Prison. And you can see in the peoples faces they are still not over it. This country needs prayer for healing and restoration in Christ because of the destruction and trauma that has taken place. 
I also went to the Palace as its nation celebration and so the city was packed and everyone was out. There was even cambodian evangelists with big flashing boards!!! Of course the people were burning incense and praying to the idols but its was uplifting to see the Christian tracks being given out!!
On the way back I saw a crowd circling so I went over and there was a baby so didnt know what the big deal was, until I lookes closer the baby had a disability and was 3 but looked 1yrs old even so I didnt understand. The people were amused because they said he was half monkey half human, so they were giving money to the mother/carer to touch, feed and look at the child. It was said that during birth the mother was singing about a monkey and so the Gods reincarnated the child as a monkey, It may sound funny, silly or whatever but it turned my stomach to see this. A group of us got together and knelt down,  prayed for the baby and then we walked away because there was enough eyes on this child already. I just pray healing for this child and that poeple would draw near because of a miracle in Christ. It should make us feel priviliged that we have a God that truely Loves us and cares about us! Thank God we know the Truth in Jesus Christ
The traffic is crazy over here and already I have seen somebody dead/unconcious lying on the road because of a crash. So I pray for travel safety, especially when im on the bikes.
Wednesday, I went to another organisation Elim Pentecostal Church that has a daycare centre, teaches free English and helps girls who have been prostituted, or who need help and advice they are also planning on doing some skills training for them aswell. While we were there we helped paint some of the swings, frames and some girls helped with a powerpoint for them. This man and woman are from Ireland and have lived here for 5yrs they have lost nearly all their supporters and still they go on to do the work of the Lord.  They need a lot of help and so I might get involved with them in my free time off. They also have an international Church service, so I will visit on Sunday because the one here is Khmer and even though they can translate I think it would be could to visit to international when I can. Please pray for these people his name is John and I think the womans name is Ann.
One of the students invited to her house for dinner Thursday night, so a group of us went it was beautiful we had moon light and traditional khmer food and then we laughed, joked and sang. Outside the neighbors were watching and wanted to greet us so I went out to them and had some photos that they were delighted to take. These families of maybe 8 or 9 were living in small sheds, carts/tents dirty smelly etc but still had a huge smile. While I was there 2 girls came and it gave me chance to speak about Jesus as they questioned why I was here and what I was doing. Some of these Girls come the New Life School and so I hope I can share more about the Lord to them. as they are buddhist. When travelling home through the back streets we caught a glimpse of the girls locked behind caged doors with men patrolling. The prostitution is here but well hidden and is mostly known at night but this place is completely different at night than during the day! When we arrived back home Srian (teacher) had organised a party so we went down. This was the party a wooden table with a branch for decoration and
some fuzzy khmer music that kept jumping. Even so we all had a great time and danced the traditional dance young and old. Its amazing to here these peoples testimonies atme time I will send some to you.

Yesterday the boys took me to a place out in the sub urbs were I saw how the out of City people lived in homes/huts made from palm leaves and people sleeping in hammocks. Some of the houses had been flooded and because the place was was large flat land full of rice fields and cattle. They took me to a family that recycled clothes so the house was crammed with sacks of rags, they were so friendly and hospitable. Anyway we traveled to a place I think it must have been a local amusement place with rides racing, markets, food stalls concerts etc. Obviously only locals knew about it because I stood out like a sore thumb, on the other side there was a place were they had huge idols and incense worship the place was heavy and when I realised not only was it full of idol worship but also full of transvestites, sex promotion and God only knows what else went on in this place. The Lord is starting to let me see what the spriritual issues are and I only pray that I will be used for what HE wants me do for his Kingdom.
God Is Good Yesterday I read Isaiah 42 and it shows that Jesus did not come to make a scene for himself or to pridefully exhalt Himself to argue or to cause trouble, but he came humble and approachable full of love, wanting to heal deliver, cleanse, He came to do the Fathers will, that people would be set free and have a relationship with Him. Its all about Jesus!!
 This morning I read through Hebrews and God revealed that there is no need for the rituals, sacrifices,  religious worship but that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and that we should strive to be just like Him because he faced every trial and temptation that there is and still he was blameless!! 

Good Bye (Li Hi) 
God Bless You  (prayu tempul)
Kizzy xxxxx