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This year has been so eventful, for The Sunflower Trust.
We have been travelling far and wide. After coming back from the Philippines in January, we have sent £500 out to Pastor Jon-Jon and Tess, to have little Alice's hare lip, and cleft palette, operated on. The operation was done in Manila, in the Philippines. We are so happy, that we could make a difference to Alice's life, in Jesus name. All the people who live on the dump, in Navotas, have been witnessed to, by this action, from strangers. Of course it is all credited to the Church, so many people are coming in to receive Salvation, which belongs to the Lord.
We have recently purchased a building in Nyirbeltek, Hungary. It cost £3000 pounds. It has been bought in Faith, and we are still trying to find the money for it, to repay the loan, but we are sure that God will provide. The building is in excellent condition, and has half an acre of land with it. It will be used for the first Christian School in this whole area. It will serve 6 villages. It will also be used for the Pastors Conference centre, and visiting ministers will be able to reside there.

IT IS SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING to be a part of what the Lord is doing in these remote villages. It is just like living the New Testament, that the disciples lived, in planting little Churches, and watching the Lord build His Church in the forgotten places of the earth. Our harvest is ripe, and we are gathering in the Harvest for the Lord. We have toiled the ground, we have planted the seeds, and we have been through a lot of perilous conditions to get this far. But we are servants of the Lord, and we are Fixed, Focused, and Functional. God has given us a land, and a people to work with, so now after nearly 12 years, we are reaping what we have sown.

PRAISE THE LORD, HE IS FAITHFUL. Pastor Dani and Kati, are over whelmed with joy, as are the 6 fellowships in the surrounding villages. Pastor Dani and Kati, have raised up, and training 2 new Pastors from 2 different villages. Pastor Andras, is from Nyirbeltek, and Pastor Miklosh, from Nyirvishvari. Nyirbator is growing in numbers, and Encenga, has 2 families, who meet once a week, for Bible Study. Nyirlugos, has a steady number of people attending the midweek prayer meetings. All the villages come together on Sundays, and have their Church service with Pastor Dani and Kati. Its been 11 years getting this far, but we are on our way, to fulfil the long term vision, of a Bible College, that will train up Pastors, and send them out to the 8 surrounding countries.

Rita Varey, and Betty Price, 2 of the Trustees, will be going out with me to see the new building, that is already up and running. We are taking out supplies for the new Bible School, and Blessing the new work.
We are supporting the work in Bag, with Pastor Lajois and Erika. This work is very dear to my heart, as the people are extremely poor. There are a lot of orphaned children there. One new baby, born on July 27, is called Melanie. Daniel has opened his very poor home to be used for the Church meetings. Pastor Lajois and his wife Erika, have to catch a bus, that takes 2 hours to get there, twice a week, to minister and teach these lovely people. GOD BLESS THEM. I see wonderful Faith in action out there, as Brother helps Brother. We are taking out baby clothes, medical supplies and toiletries, and lots of love, hugs and kisses, for the children.

I am off to Serbia, in October. I am meeting up with Sister Rose, from London, and Thelma, from Holyhead. We will be Ministering to the Church in Belgrade, with Pastor Sally and Mane, and then taking the 5 hour drive by bus down to Pastor Sasha and Sara Vitcek. Dragen Novokovic, is coming to drive us the 10 hour drive to Montenegro, where the Church is waiting to hear a word of Prophecy, and to be encouraged with the Word of the Lord. This is our first time there. PLEASE PRAY FROR US.

In NOVEMBER 28. I am taking 4 youths, out to see the new Christian School in Nyirbeltek, Hungary. We are staying a week, and we will be visiting all the Church Plantings, in the 6 villages. The girls will be teaching songs, and interacting with the children through dance and play. A 2 day conference will be put on for the gathering of the leaders, to pray about, The New Christian School, and that the authorities will recognise it, and then we can register it, as we have done with the Church.
The Sunflower Trust, is also financially supporting an Orphanage in Andra Predesh, in India. We have 30 orphans, who live in 2 mud huts. We have just sent out £200 to pay for rice and oil and vegetables. Pastor Giribabu Neela, and his wife are looking after these orphans in their own home. They also use their home for a Bible School. It is very efficiently run, although very humble and basic. He is growing SUNFLOWERS, or flowers of the Son Jesus. Please pray this work.