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This was a two week trip in two totally different areas of Malawi.

First we were invited to Blantyre to speak once again in The Worship Centre courtesy of Pastor Helen Singh.

The message of encouragement to the bankrupt Country and the saddened Church.
Arise and Shine for The Spirit of The Lord has come and will raise you up out of the ashes,and you will be a shining Glory unto GOD.







We shared Jesus s return with the Living Waters Church in Mapanga, and the people rejoiced in song and dance,as the Good News was given to the congregation.
Pastor Bennett Ndovu came and had wonderful fellowship with us.
The second week took us to the poorest area,under the mountain of Dedza. Pastor Moses and his wife hosted us in their lovely humble home. We were taken miles up the mountain ,where we met with villagers who had never seen foreigners before. The people gathered together and the Chiefs oversaw everything we did and said. They cried with joy,as we prayed for the sick,and as people surrendered to Jesus.

Many dear souls were dying of famine and lack of food and water.

Aids is Rampant in Africa some have it  not their own fault.

The children were in rags and bare footed,they joined in with the adults and sung and danced.

One village at the top of the mountain is called" Leave me alone then".They had never had any visitors and thought they were forgotten by man and and God.

Our first words were,Father God said "I will never leave you or forsake you" Jesus said" Come,all you who are heavy laden,and I will give you rest. My yoke is light and my burdens are easy.

Come and give your life to Him. over 20 young people came from behind huts and trees,and made a declaration of Faith and gave their hearts to Jesus.

The Light of The Lord is hovering over Malawi now.
Please keep these dear souls in your prayers,as we have sent gifts to have a borehole drilled in on of the villages,
so many people will survive and their animals and crops grow,once again.
 Floods and then drought has ravaged this land,but now, the Church has arisen and God is moving and raising them back up for His Glory.