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A Month in Malawi seemed to be a long time, but this trip was well overdue. People from Malawi had been my friends for over 20 years, and I already had a great love for them. Rosemary has a wonderful vision for her beloved Malawi, and wanted to leave a legacy for the widows and orphans. Our Month was not wasted, as we travelled extensively to the Southern Region, Central Region, and the Northern Region.

...Shows the Nconi Tribes
                    men,showing off their gorgeous attire , of feathers,
                    and animal skins.

Following in the footsteps of DAVID LIVINGSTONE,the Great Christian Missionary, who is one of my heroes, I was in awe, as to how, through Faith and for his love for the people, he hacked through the forest and jungles of this beautiful Country.

These first two pictures, 142/143, show me
                    handing over the St Georges Flag, of England, to The
                    Malawian Society, founded in memory of the famous
                    Missionary David Livingstone. I felt so proud to
                    represent England, as the Scottish Flag flew high,
                    but there was no flag representing Britain

We met with MP Mr Edwin Banda,and with Mrs Helen Singh, who invited us into the newly built Parliament Building. Mrs Singh invited me to share in her Prayer Center in Blantyre. Over 300 people give up their 1 hour lunch break to come into the Center to pray for their Country. I was the speaker from Monday to Friday, every lunch hour. I encouraged the people that change is coming, and it will be for the better,in Jesus Name

We were able to give money, help the poor widows and orphans.

Rosemary and I taught the children some English and Songs in Billilia

Over 200 Bibles in Chachewa language,were bought, by us, and distributed to the Churches
in Blantyre, Dedza, and Llongwi. Sharing Jesus with over 100 Prison Warden Cadets was a great pleasure, as we saw them yield to Holy Spirit, and receive from God. They cried and thanked us, as we gave them, their very own full Bibles in Chachewa. Because we gave The Mapanga Church the credit for the Bibles, so the Blessing continued, as the Cadets said they were so grateful, that the Church Building which was being hired from the Prison Cadets, no longer had to be paid. Free Rent for the Living Water Church in Mapanga was Gods reward for Faithfulness.

A Prophetic Word was sent, from God,through us, to the Nation, as we Ministered in the Prayer Center in Blantyre for a whole week. People gave up their precious lunch hour to pray for their Nation, which is in a terrible state, as their President Bingu had died, and the new President, Joyce Banada, had taken over, as she was the Vice President. She has promised the end of all Government corruption.

This is when I was asked to
              share a Word, in Blantyre Prayer Center, run by Mrs Helen
              Singh. Over 300 people gave up their lunch hour, and
              fasted and prayed, for the healing of their Nation. This
              was from Monday to Friday, every lunch hour. It was
              exhilerating, and refreshing, as Holy Spirit gave the
              Rhema Word of God....

We were invited to speak and share,in Mapanga, Blantyre, Mzuzu, and Llolongwi, Billili, and Nsoni. These villagers had never seen a Mzungu (white person) before.

This Nsoni village. It sits
              under the mountain just , 35 kilometers,outside Blantyre.
              Here life is very basic, but everyone was very surprised,
              when a Mzungu(white woman) came to visit the local. The
              children had never seen a Western woman before,

This Nsoni village. It sits under the mountain just , 35 kilometers,outside Blantyre.

Many new contacts were made, and we encountered many new Divine Appointments with revealant people who could help us, to help the people of Malawi, who are our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

After consulting with Professor Kings Phiri, and his wife Jean, in Muzuzu, we were able to put together a plan to start an Agriculture project, so that the GoGos, (Grand Mothers), who are widows, can start to grow food on a little patch of land, therefore enabling them to provide food, not just for themselves, but also for the orphan children who are in their Communities. It takes a whole village to grow a child, so even when parents die, the local village people are always willing to take on an orphan as their own children,even though they don t have much themselves, they are always willing to share.
This village has a feeding project for the
                    children and elderly, sick and infirm, by Agnes, who
                    has a home in the village, so she can keep an eye on
                    things, as food has been scarse this year. The rains
                    didn t come when expected, so the maize crops
                    failed. Maize is vital , as women pound it, and make
                    it into a flour, and then cook it like a porridge,
                    and that is their staple diet....

They British Colonisation, or Protectorate of Malawi is still very prevalent, as people have a wonderful old English etiquette, in all they do. Having high moral standards and a marvellous Victorian Culture of standards. Of course the Christian influence is very much still in practice, as the Country is 70 percent Christian.

People cannot afford Bibles.

The rains didn' t come when expected, so the maize crops failed. Maize is vital , as women pound it, and make it into a flour, and then cook it like a porridge, and that is their staple diet.

Driving up to Muzuzu, we saw some children selling mice and rats on sticks. They were trying to make a little money, so they could buy food for their old relatives in the village. We stopped and bought some. I gave the boys 3 times as much as they asked, and then gave the mice and rats back to them to eat, or resell. They eat and sell mice and rats, out of Necessity, not because its a delicacy.


People are staving to death of hunger in Malawi, and 1000s are dying of Aids. Many people were dying while we were there. There was a funeral nearly every day. People are broken hearted and depressed because of their situation. Malawi is Bankrupt. No Foreign Exchange. The Buddists and Hindu Monks are buying land and building their Temples, Mosques, and Orphanages, so they can take the poor, vulnerable, Malawian Orphans, and make them into Buddists, and Hindu Monks, and Immans. 500 children, at a time. Lets watch our motives please, when we go to help another Nation, in Jesus Name.