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This is a report of our two days surrounded by the Glory of God in Montenegro. God led us every step of the way.

On Saturday 7th October Dragan, Melanie, Rose and Thelma decided to visit Budva a coastal town where Dragan had earlier prophesied on the hill overlooking the city to take the territory for the Lord. First we witnessed to Eleanor who was selling souvenirs on the seafront. The boat which we had wanted to take for a trip had left the bay so on the way back we witnessed to Nancy and Ray from Yorkshire, England. Ray said to Dragan 'look after your country'. We then walked towards the old city and it was on Dragan's heart to ask the Lord which gate to enter by. At that moment Thelma said 'shall we go in by this gate'? Dragan said 'yes' and at that precise moment a troop of majorettes dressed in white blue and gold came out of the city gate. We prayed over the entrance to the old city, anointed the gates with oil believing for the revival fire to come to this land. In the middle of the town we found a Serbian gipsy brass band playing Serbian cultural songs which reminded us of the revival fire that had already started in the old town of Belgrade - Kalimegdon. Significantly Budva is a port.

God led us to any ancient well that was stopped up, but one little flower was blooming amongst the rubbish. We anointed the well with oil so that a fresh fountain of water can flow through this land by the power of the holy Spirit. The bell chiming from the Catholic church could not drown out the prayer. After passing by a woman possessed with a Jezebel spirit we witnessed to Christina who was selling orthodox books and icons. As we spoke the bells from the Orthodox church tried to cover our voices but the message of Jesus got through. We proceeded through the tiny streets of the old city and heard the sound of a marching procession. It was a city celebration and the band was dressed in uniforms of white with gold epaulets and cummerbunds. We followed them through the streets until we came to the gate to exit the city. We anointed this gate with oil also and were astonished to see fish bread and wine being served free outside the city walls for all the people visiting the city. It was a special festival day and the fish was dipped in olive oil and grilled with garlic and fresh herbs. We all sat down and ate together. It was a feast fit for a King! As we ate the majorettes and the band passed by us in full procession. As we watched the festivities 3 heart shaped balloons joined together drifted by in the clear blue sky. We gave thanks to the Father Son and holy Spirit for their goodness to us.

After a beautiful day on Sunday 8th October where we all ministered in the church in Podgorica we believed God was asking us to visit another town in Montenegro. So on

Monday October 9th we all set off for Cetinje and the hill Lovcen, a high point in the mountains of Montenegro. Proceeding out of Podgorica we saw a car numberplate from the town of Cetinje and also a plane trailing in the sky which gave confirmation to us of our plans. We prayed for the peace of Jerusalem and next minute by the side of the road there were two donkeys ready to carry some wood. We also saw two posters on which were written Kyros (God's perfect time). We then prayed for the government and authorities of Montenegro and upon reaching the city of Cetinje we were diverted due to roadworks. Rose spoke 'we need to go through Samaria' Soon we noticed a statue of a lady with a sword in one hand and a laurel wreath in the other which reminded us of Battle Cry. As we went down a street we saw steps covered in red carpet with two Montenegrin guards at the top.

Upon getting out of the car we saw it was the Presidential building and the guards beckoned us up for photographs with them. This was most unusual as they are not supposed to move or talk. We then travelled to Lovcen and climbed 461 steps to a very high point in the mountains. We anointed the steps, gates and a well with oil, and pulled down strongholds. Seventy per cent of Montenegro can be seen from this high vantage point. At the outlook post we prayed and God answered us with an eagle croaking several times. Dragan proclaimed victory for Jesus in the land. After this on our way back we met a couple with a new baby Lily - new life. Dragan blest her and we proceeded to a beautiful fish restaurant for lunch. As we were sitting in the sun we saw a cart laden with wood going on the road to Kotor about 20kms away. A plane high in the sky also went in that direction. We followed to pray in the city of Kotor to anoint the land. On the road down to Kotor we had to travel slowly as we got behind three enormous coaches on very windy roads. Upon arrival in Kotor we anointed the main gates of the old city, declared the Lordship of Jesus and met a man who directed us to an old pump in the city. We anointed the pump for new fresh water to flow out to this place and noticed a sign about Podgorica where we had travelled from earlier in the day. Just before we exited the old city we saw a sign for a Montenegrin estates office. We entered to look at house prices which are rising daily in the region. An excited shout came from the girl in the office who recognised Dragan whom she hadn't seen for eight years. Her name was Daca and she had known him in England and she had visited Thelma's house with Dragan. Her husband an Englishman owned the property company and was also in the office and Daca had been trying to get in touch with Dragan for eight years. What surprises our God give us. After much joy we exited the exit gates, anointed them with oil and then saw two planes which seemed to say 'mission accomplished'. We had an ice cream by the beautiful harbour surrounded by the millionaires yachts and the man from whom we had previously asked directions approached Dragan to ask if we had found the pump. As he was speaking the mayoress of the city came out to the car which this man was driving and started to get in it. Dragan was able to bless her in the name of Jesus. We praised God all the way home via Budva and realised we had taken all the land in a complete circle. We saw two more posters on the journey home stating 'Kyros'. In the evening we visited Lion's house, a friend of Dragan's from the church and it was confirmed that the next day we were to anoint the capital city of Podgorica (old name Titograd).

Tuesday October 10th.

Dragan, Rose Melanie and Thelma went to the town of Podgorica. As soon as we went to anoint the Government building with oil, two planes trailed in the sky. Then to the law courts where we prayed for God's justice to prevail. Then to the fountain, oiled for new living water. turning left we saw the crown (corona). Knowing we were right on track we anointed the gates at the entrance to the hill, climbed up and on the way witnessed to an old man Radomir whose name meant joy and peace. Further up the hill Dragan and Melanie witnessed to three young girls with the salvation bracelets, who received the words eagerly. Afterwards a jogger passed us with a crown on the back of his running vest and we were led to the scripture Isiah 41 17-20. We knew God was pleased with the achievements done in the Spirit and would be manifesting the work on earth.

As we were waiting fro the train to leave Montenegro and waving to all our friends who had come to bid us goodbye a young boy of about four jumped up and down on the platform shouting 'go with God', 'victory', go with the angels', 'run to heaven' We were sure the Lord had sent him as the icing on the cake for our beautiful trip to Montenegro.

Composed by Dragan, Thelma, Melanie and Rose. Typed by Thelma. Orchestrated by our dear Father. God bless all who read this.