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The Christian Church in Oslo, Norway, was packed full of families with many children. It was exhilarating to be there, and it was colorful and vibrant. The people were just so friendly, and hospitable.They welcomed us with open arms, hugs and smiles of greetings, showing the love of Christ.When the congregation worshiped The Lord, it was so powerful, as men and women sung Praises to Our God with a Passion, I had not seen very often before. After the visiting Pastor preached, and worship and thanks resumed, people cried with thanksgiving to God , they danced with joy, and repented once again, for sin in their lives. He is ready to forgive us, at all times, and as many times, for He took our sin, and paid the price by being the one and only , ultimate sacrifice, once and for all.

 In Mike and Liliys house, was staying a young man called, Jullianno, he was their son in law. As we read from Acts 8 verses 26 to 40. The Eunuch of course was from Ethiopia, and served Queen Candice. He was reading scriptures from Isaiah 53 verses 7 and 8, in The Old Testament, and The Lords Disciple, Philip, came miraculously along side him, and expounded the meaning of the scripture, as Christ, The Lord and Savior. And the commandment to be Baptized in Jesus Name. This is a sign and obedience to being "Born Again", by water, and by spirit. Julliano said that he needed to be Baptized, so there is water outside, what hinders me to be Baptized, quoting the words of The Eunuch from Ethiopia. After much prayer and debate. The whole family insisted that God sent me, so I must be the one to Baptize him. So we did, in the very cold lake, at the back of the house. Oh what a Glorious day that was. Praise The Lord, and give Him all the Glory.

 It was very busy 10 days in Norway. We had to have translators as we do not speak Norwegian, but they could speak several languages. We had Gabriel, and Martino to translate our prayers for the people, as we went from house to house to pray for the sick, the hurting, the lonely, and depressed people, that just needed a touch from The King. (JESUS), and He obliged with signs and wonders, healing's , and miracles. My wonderful hosts took me back to their humble abode, and decided that I must see The Royal Palace in Oslo. So we took time out from teaching, sharing, and giving testimonies, to go to The Palace of King Harald and Queen Sonja. Of course we could not go in, as we were not invited, but for us humble folk, we just looked at the Majesty of the beautiful Palace. This was very Prophetic, as we, (believers) have an invitation to enter the Royal, Holy Courts of Our King JESUS. We have not been invited to just to look, but to come on inside, and join the Kings Banquet. Hallelujah, Hail Jesus The King

..King Palace