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The trip was more then I envisaged. We are already arranging for a small property to be rented or purchased, for the Community Centre, just outside the dump. Every one welcomes it, especially the youth, and the old people. We already took educational supplies, and books to help with the literacy programme.

Chocolates from N. Ireland..Alice who had operation cleft doing child care

We are looking to buy a small wooden unit that has a little plot of land adjacent to it. This will serve many purposes, for the Community projects we have in mind.
There are HIV programmes, along with the Family Planning awareness programmes.
We have secured the workers for the projects at hand, and Jon Jon is a very good friend of The Mayor, so authority has been granted. The proposals for the new Elementary School has been authorised with flying colours. All the children are excited about that. We have our teachers ready and waiting

Water people and young baby..Canmon dump and village

An elite house near the dump..Orphange at Subic

Alice and her bag from Kings Church..1 Bag of rice £15 can feed 50 people

We distributed supplies to the women, and children, where ever we went.

Methane Gas of Canmon dump..Bags of love from you.

Friendships have been renewed, and new ones made. We have connected Patrick Tay, our host in Singapore with Jon Jon and Tess, and they will be meeting sometime in May. This is in a view to getting help with rice supplies from Singapore, via Patrick.

Evangelising at Canmon dump..500 Aluminium cans = l bowl of rice.

Hygiene issues were addressed, but although the living conditions are very bad, the photos show how clean the people are, relative to where they live.
Open strret sewer shared by dogs and rats.

All this has been achieved, because of people helping people. As long as people can see this as a way forward to peace, and understanding, learning to live and let live, with out racial hatred, or class systems, and just take every one as you find them, not to judge, but to listen, and understand, to help, and not hinder, then we can all live in harmony, equally, and sharing what we have. Then you will feel life is worth living, and living is worth your life.

The Mission is accomplished, yet once again

Many Thanks to all who made it possible

Melanie Price