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What can 5 women do in The Philippines for 3 weeks.........
well here goes, on a very brief outline

We were 5 women, who went to The Philippines for 3 weeks in January this year.

We were basical destined to go to 2 different Islands. On being Manila on Luzon Island, and the other was a 3 hour flight South to the Island of Mindineao
Team members were;

Melanie Price from Manchester.
Rev Debra Sweetin,of Battle Cry Ministries,Tulsa, Oaklaholma, USA.
Thelma Lynch,from Anglesey,N Wales.
Rose Williams,from London.
Sheree Todd from London.

Our intentions were to go to the poor areas, and ChurchsWe wanted to locate the "water people", and the "dump,children", and the squaters, living in the Manila Bay area. We went to access the situation, in a view to setting up support, Spiritually, Financially, Educationally, and Medically.

All this was achevied, and much more besides.

1) We set up 2 groups of local people, who live in the water area The people live on boxs propped up on stilts, on the waters adge. They will access the basic needs of the young, poor, sick, and infirm.

2) In the dump area, there were whole communities of children, living and surviving, off the rubbish. Conditions were hurrendeous.

We found a little 5 year old girl, called Alice. She is a child of a young unmarried teenager, who also lives off the tip She has an hare shon lip, and cleft pallette. We are going to have a doctor to look at her, to perform an operation to fix her lip. The operation will be performed in Manilla, and we, will be paying for it privately.

3)We have paid for a house to be rented for a year, for Linda. Linda lives in a shanty hut, and has 7 children. She is 4ft 6", tall and her home is 3ft 6"high. She had never laid flat in her home for 20 years, and her children, slept accross her lap. They were sssooo happy, to have a little house to live in.

4)We have had a toilet and shower room built,at the side of the Pastors humble home. It was completed while we were there. Pastor Alan and Weng Pelobelo, were hosting us. We needed it as urgently, as they did. They live in Daveao,on the island of Mindinao. They are recieveing, and looking after many people in their village, in the banana plantation. This is a very remote area, and the people are extremely poor. Average wage for a man, working, 12 hours, 7 days a week, is 400 pasos, equivelent to £4 We aim to support them in developing a dropin center, and in what ever way we can, that will help them develope socially and economically.

We have another team going out in June.

5) We met with the Mayor of Daveo. He gave us permission to go to the local Governing bodies,(Police, the Army, and the local council), to get any help that we would need in setting up a support team..

This is just a general rundown, but in reality, we did so much more.

We have made friends, and we have put people in communication with one another.



We have united the Pastors, and Churchs, so they can have fellowship together, and we are going to supply Alan with a computor.

Communication is the essence of importance here.

Update from Philippines  May 2008

Dear Melanie,

     Praise God for all the things He has done to all of Us! How are you Sister?! Are you still in the Mission ? We are confident that you are in the good condition because you are always part of our prayers as well as your family circle and the Sunflower Ministry… Thank you so much for the money that you send to us we received it last April through my sister ( 23,000.00Php).... In regards to Alice she is in grade 2 this coming schooling on first wk. of June.. she is in good condition as well as her family they continue to buy and sell fish and there is a big changes in their family, her eldest sister Vanessa was 3rd year in college this schooling taking up Bachelor in Accountancy she is  Intelligent and has an honor in the Class.. 4 of the Children’s are coming to School this Year. They also continue attending Chapel Service and Bible Study every Week.

     Apart from this are the Pictures and the Proceeds of the Money you sent.

     We just finished our Summer Bible School in the church, mothers and children’s are came from the areas where in we are ministering 136 children’s and 14 mothers, and Praise God it was Successful.. Last march we started Basic Literacy Program in the Grave Area…from ages 8-16 years old that is not yet in schooling no read no write we start 25 recipients and we always do it by faith,  we will finished it this last week of May.. and we are planning to give them School Supplies. Please pray for us.

     Our Senior Pastor Alfredo Elias Sr. (Tatay) was in the Hospital last week he was

” Stroke” but Praise God he was in good condition now and he is still in recovery, we are still administering the Church. Please continue to pray us that we may continue to do the task that God want us to do in spite of many crisis in our country. Many thanks to you Sis. Melanie you are the  one who is helping us to continue the Ministry as well as my missionary  sister, May God continue to bless so that you maybe able to bless many lives…thank you for sharing us our burden to this poor people…

     We hope to hear from you Soon…We are praying for you to visit us again…


P23,000.00 (Money Disbursement)

    6,000.00 – Vaneza,  alice eldest sister half semester tuition fee..

    1,000.00 – Alice school supplies

    1,500.00 – Alice school uniform and shoes

    1,000.00 – her brother and sisters school supplies

    7,000.00 –  6 days helping the expenses in the Summer Bible School (136 child,14 mothers)

                      Workbooks, pencils, ball pens, visual aids, chalk, pentel pens, medals,

                       Certificates, ribbons, 6 days children’s biscuits and juices, Teachers

                       And Staff  food for 6 days…

       800.00 –  Transportation during visitation

    1,400.00 – Registrations-14 people praise and worship team attend music talent exposure.

       600.00 – Music talent exposure transportation and snacks…

    3,700.00 – Add to Church building Rental for month of April…

 Total= 23,000.00

                   Thank you so much it was such a great help for us… we are considering that we are already part of your team Sunflower Ministry Philippines …                   


  In Christ Servant,     

Ptr. Jon and Sis. Tess

Please note on June 2008  1.00 GBP = 87.5 PHP (Web Editor)  Thanks for all your donations.