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We arrived in Warsaw Poland the same day that President Trump landed. He was there for negotiations and we were there for King Jesus.

Our invitation was to go to Warsaw, Ostralenka and Ostranictza, and Namyslow down the South.

The weather was lovely and the people who hosted us showed us the love of Christ with their hospitality, warmth and fellowship.

Prince William and Kate also visited Poland, while we were there, so I think God had a plan for His Ambassadors that week.



Our friends showed us the wonderful lakes of Poland, as we travelled the 100s of miles from town to town.

Namyslow is very South, and to get there we had to fly a 40 minute flight.

A Disabled Man the team met

We were absolutely amazed to find Youth with a Mission there. There were 60 YWAMers (Youth With A Mission persons) there on mission, serving 3 other Cities. They did drama and music to show The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Polish people. The Holy Spirit really worked and moved amongst these lovely young ones from Elpaso Texas. We were able to hear their Testimonies and it bought us to tears, to hear what God had done in their young lives. We also, gave our Testimonies and they videoed them and took them back to Texas with them. The Church of Namyslow has a wonderful Pastor Marious and his wife Wioletta, also Pastor in her own right.


The Churches were edified, and there numbers were added to, and this is the work of The Lord.

Poland is ready to hear The Truth, and JESUS is being declared and Proclaimed to be Lord of all.

Visiting other Nations is connecting with other peoples to give them the Good news of being Born Again of His Holy Spirit. To dispel the lies of the enemy, that has robbed the people of Poland their Joy and Peace and Truth.

Pray for Poland and its People. as the Banner of JESUS FOR POLAND is lifted high.