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Hi there,
This is a brief run-down of what  The Sunflower Trust has achieved, practically, in the year 2007

This year has been a very busy one for me. I have been to India, Israel, Egypt, Hungary,America,and Northern Ireland.
The Sunflower Trust has worked in India on the Bay of Bengal. Built an orphanage in Andrapedesh for 33 , Tsunami orphans
Bought a small herd of water buffalo to fund the orphanage Built a Church/School, for the local village children.
Purchased a plot of land for play and sport for the children in the orphanage.
Arranged for teachers to go out from UK to the villages to take educational supplies, and to teach English
Cemented relationships for future communications with the local communities and governments,via education and cultural awareness.


We paid for Alice s operation on her hare lip and cleft palette.
Sent finance to pay for Alice, and 7 other children's education
Supplying the money to buy food for 70 poor people who live on a dump site in Manilla Bay.
Provided the money for fishing tackle to be bought, so that the people living on the dump can feed themselves with dignity.
We bought fish by the shoal, so the children could sell fish on little stalls at the side of the road
We paid for a new roof on a man's house who has 12 children.



We bought a lovely old building in Nyirabeltek. It is used as a community Centre, and a resource centre, also used for the Church, and Driving school, and for
 accommodating, people who need refuge, as we have had the out buildings,which were the old horse stables, turned into sleeping quarters for visitors from the UK,
 and for those who go out with me for training missions, to learn how to work with poor children and families.
It has been used for a crèche, and the garden is used for out side events such as parties, and sports.
We have secured a Governmental Embassy building in Budapest, where we can have meetings, on a Governmental level, to see what we can do to help the
 underprivileged through education, and marrying schools in UK with the poorer village schools.
In Bag, we had a splendid time with the local village children. For 2 days in June we hosted a musical week end, with cultural singing and dancing, and lots of eating
 We erected a tent in the middle of the village and people came from neighbouring villages to see the tent and hear the music. The children loved it, and we intend to do it again next year.
We helped David in Bag, move into a bigger house more suitable for his wife and 8 children. It still is only 2 rooms and very basic, no toilets, no inside running water,we aim to buy that this year.
We have started up a new project in the city, where Csiki Lajois is helping the street people to be empowered, by befriending and finding homes and clothes and food. This is in Wessensley Ut, and at first there were 20 people, now there is over 100 on the list.
We went to Hadunnajas and Eged, where we have united the towns, by sending Csiki Lajois and his wife Erika,to connect the towns and villages so they can share their experiences, and start to build long term friendships, in a view to representing The Sunflower Trust. In doing this we have set up a data base of needs and wants, so every one can help each other. Its about giving people a lift up the ladder, and helping them to help themselves.


In Jerusalem, we are supporting 21 poor children from the Domari community.
Amoun Sleem teaches, and looks after the children.
We supplied Amoun with education supplies, and hairdressing supplies so they could teach the children beauty and hairdressing.
Amoun teaches them the basics of reading and writing, and brings in specialist play workers.
These children are from one parent families, or orphaned. They are very much persecuted, and 2 years ago one little boy of 9, had his throat cut, and he died. There has been a lot of fear, and anger, about since then, and the Domari, have had to keep a low key, in Jerusalem.
Most of the Domari women, are widows, and go begging in the hustle, bustle of the old city Jerusalem.
We introduced them to my friends at the Jerusalem School, and firm friendships have been made.
The Children are going to visit this unique, private school.
New ideas and cultural crafts, have been shared, and the children have enjoyed, seeing how the other side lives.

Northern Ireland

Our recent visit to Belfast bought 5 Nations together.
The people who came with us were Csiki Lajois and Erika, his wife, from Hungary.
Felix Shukuto from Lusaka, Zambia
Melanie from Manchester
Thelma from Wales
Elizabeth from Lancashire
We met up with Tommy from Magherfelt
Theo and Cristy, from South Africa
Hank and Saundra from South Africa plus many, many more people who came along for the fun.
The Irish band is now going to Hungary, to plat their Caley
The Hungarian Gypsys Violinists, and singers are going to Manchester and Budapest
The South Africans, who are famous singers, in ballads and cultural and Christian music will be going to Isreal, Hungary, and Zambia,because of this week end.
Two of the ladies from Belfast are coming out to India with us we have set up a Sunflower Trust in Belfast.


Sadly Ron and Sue Bates, passed away this year. They ran the orphanage there for over 20 years.
We await, to see what the authorities will do, and what will happen to the children.