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Melanie Price         MANCHESTER
Rev. Thelma Lynch      HOLYHEAD N WALES
This was my first trip to Serbia, although I had been to the old Yugoslavia,many years ago for a holiday. At first, I wasn t very impressed with this war torn city. The people at first glance, looked very down trodden and aggressive. The city of Belgrade, showed the evidence of war, as we saw bombed buildings all over the place.  I was mistaken about the people though,what I thought was aggressivness, was really resilience, and their downcaste faces soon lightened with life, once the ice was broken with a friendly smile, and a "DOBUR DAN" (good day).

Women in bright attire
      at a market place in Panchevo near Belgrade

They were a bit embittered with the Americans, for bombing their city, but really it was NATO, the United Forces. Our aim was to visit,and see, the condition of the persecuted Church in Serbia.. The country is predominantly Russian Orthodox, and every thing else is frowned upon, and seen as a cult, or a sect. There is a big muslim population, which is growing bigger, year by year, as the stratagy of Islam, is to dominate this land.  People have been beaten and encaserated, for their belief in the simple Gospel of pure Christianity, and for expressing thier charismatic way of worship. We wanted to show our love, and support, and to bring communication and connection from our Churchs, Country, and Organisations, that we represented.   Pastor Mane s wife, Sally, and Olgitza, are doing an important work with the poor children,living humbly, on the out-skirts of the city. We want to send some relief, and educational supplies. Thelma and I were asked to speak at the little school, for poor  children,in a very derelect part of the city. We arrived at 6pm, and it was already quite dark,so I couldn t see the immediate surroundings. i could hear lots of childrens voices, shouting with excitment, and then our vehical was smothered with flattened face stuch to the windows, as they tried to see who was inside. The children were dark skinned,and raw boned,with beautiful, dark flashing eyes.

New Christain
      converts at a makeshift school with Oligtz, Thelma & Melanie

 They had been told that some, "Englaza" ladies were coming to speak to them. I had 1 hour to relay the Gospel to them, I couldn t speak the language, but knew a few basic words. Dragan translated, as I showed them the story of the bracelet, with the coloured beads. 22 children gave their hearts to Jesus that day, they asked me so many questions afterwards, and insisted that we pray for them. Every one recieved gifts of "the braclet", and sweets and pencils. They were so happy. I only found out afterwards, that these were all muslim childern, thats why there were only 4 girls amongst them. It was so presciuos, what the Holy Spirit did that day. My ignorance, was truely bliss,because i did not know they were muslims. Doing street evangelisim, was so easy. People are truely hungary for something new, and positive, and good. The Gospel, brings them all the truth, they will ever need. Thelma and I ministered in the Churchs, as we gave our testimonies, and the Word.  We visited some remote villages, where we fellowshipped together with local village people, who never realised, that there were other believers in the world, and that they were not alone in believing Jesus as thier personal Lord and Saviour. We encouraged them, as the Holy Spirit lead us, and words of phrphecy were spoken, by Thelma and myself, over that land, and it s prescious people. We went on a 3 hour journey to visit our own Pastor Sasha, and his wife Sarah.

Pastor Mane and
      his wife Pastor Sally

 They we quite over whelmed, that we came such a distance, to stay for just 3 hours. It was 3 Holy Ghost hours, as we ate together, and prayed for the situation in that town to change.
Pastor Sasha in

 God did not send us there for nothing. Gods word does not return void, but goes forth, with power and authority. We know something new is happening for these wonderful pioneers, who go out to plough the land, ready for the sowers. There s a harvest coming son, as the Lord is doing a quick work in this bleak part of Europe.
      Orthodox Priest Peter Melaie & Thelma

 Please keep this country in your prayers,as it will be a stratigic land, in days to come. We are going back next year, as we are not just visitors, but claiming our family memebers, in the family of God, and standing firm with them as we let our lights shine, in Jesus name

  We returned home with no money or clothes, but thats our essence in going out