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Rob and Mary Notman


We were invited by Kidz care Tanzania by Rob and Mary Knock.

The Sunflower Trust team had not been to the orphanage in Dar-es- Salaam,Tanzania, since 2008.

Kidzcare now have 3 Schools, and 3 preschools, plus an orphanage in Kerege,Dar-es-Salaam.

We were invited to help with Teaching in the Schools, that Kidzcare had built for over 300 children.


Roman and Yanina, had come all the way from Switzerland to help paint and teach in the Schools. We flew over 1000klms to Kyela,to help Mary organise her staff and children for the new term. Ngonga is a beautiful jungle like area, and the villages are still quite primitive, but the people are excellent in hospitality, and with a love expression, that defies reason.


The Lord Jesus shows His love through Mary’s selfless efforts in reaching these dear folk, who are ill with aids and disabilities. She often has to take the coach the 1000klms, over the Morrogorro mountains to reach them, and help them. These people are some of the most needy people in the World, and this work is truly making a big difference, at grass roots level, and thats the way to change a Nation.


"Go ye out into all the world, preaching the Gospel of Good news to the poor". "Look after the widows and the orphans", Love thy neighbour as thy self". All in the name of Jesus Christ,of whom we serve.

We went to help to :-
Feed the orphans
Look after the widows

Sharing gifts of money to the churches ,

Witnessing to Muslim and praying with them.
Discipling Robin new Christian converts.

Encouraging Mary & Rob and the orphanage staff.

There was a man preaching the gospel in a nearby Muslim town – very brave man. Albert from Mbaya