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My trip to Tanzania was long over due. My friends, Mary and Jonathan Notman, had been inviting me for 8 years.
 I was very Blessed, when I was allocated a complimentary ticket to Tanzania from A Ray of Hope,  via Unesco.
Mary and Jonathan had been building a School, and 2 Orphanages, over these last 8 years, since they left my home to go to Tanzania, with their 9 children.


They have up to date, built a School for 130 children in the rural area of Kyela, and have 2 thriving Orphanages, with over 60 little children with aids related illnesses.

This was a two part mission, first we were able to visit the orphanage in the Bhutti area of  Dar-es-Salaam. The little children came out singing to us. It was a privilege to share stories of Jesus with them. Some of the children were from Muslim backgrounds, but they loved to sing and pray to Jesus.  Mary and her team had taught them well. God sees these children’s hearts, and for in as much as we do for the least of these little ones, we have done it unto Him.


Way down in the jungle area of Kyela, there is a village called, Ngonga. The Village backs straight on to Lake Naisa, or Lake Malawi, as it is often called. 

There Friends of Tanzania have built a beautiful school and volunteer house. 130 little children attend everyday. They are taught Christian values, and are taught by local Christian teachers. I was delighted to be able to help serve out the porridge, which is the only meal that some of them will have that day.  They could never have the chance of any education, if it wasn’t for the Providence of Father God, and those who obediently hear His call, to do this very arduous work.  Friends of Tanzania pay for all the school fees, and provide the uniforms. Red this year, with Black trousers.   Vivienne Eka, was with me, and took some amazing pictures of the children, playing in the fields, and eating their porridge.

Every day, the children of Wattoto, School, Ngonga, have a cup or two, of porridge, maybe the only meal that day...

We were able to give out mosquito nets.  I took 2 class in  the village school, in turn, to share about what Jesus had done in my life, and to answer their questions about England.

Giving out mosqito nets to the mothers of those who attend the school...This is the Bull, that was given to us so that the cow can have a calf. This is in Ngonga, Keyela District, Tanzania


I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the local village Church, and how God had helped me in times of famine, and troubles. I told them, God was there real Father, and that they were Princes, and Princesses, because their Father is a King, and that they were very important people, because God had called them in to His Kingdom. They cried, and then danced with joy, so did I.

There is 80% of Aids in that area, the life expectancy is 57, or there abouts,  They  told me they were burying 3 people a day, and some were children. Most local villagers had no jobs, as there is no industry here.  There is a lot of flooding in this area, of Tanzania.  Since my return to the UK, the rice fields have all been flooded, and all the crops spoiled.            Father God, please help them....

 ...These are 3 beautuful village ladies from Ngonga

Everyone loved the bags, and the toys we took out.

 Education supplies were left in the Schools, and resources for the teachers. These things are so scares. Money was left to buy bricks for the new home that will be built in Dar-es-Salaam. Toiletries, and medicines were very gratefully received, and I thank The Lord for all those who helped supply us with them.

We shared our time between the children and the villagers. It was so precious, to see all the hard work put in to this project over the years, when the children sung to us in English.

What sweet souls. I met Apupella, and his brother Abraham, for the first time. We have been supporting him, by supplying the little money needed for their education, over the years. We bought clothes, and toys for them. They were so happy, and over whelmed, their little faces said it all.

...Melanie  giving out toys in Ngonga jungle area

 What can we do? What can we give?  Well, we can show our love, and give what we have. A smile, a hug, a moment of our time, a listening ear, a song, a game of football, all these things that costs nothing, are the most precious things of all. All were received with smiles, and handshakes, of gratitude, and humility. We have learnt some lessons from them, and they have given us so much.

......Mary handing out the toys that you gave to us

 Please continue to pray for the work in Tanzania, with Mary and Jonathan, and the family putting their lives, into the lives of a Nation. This is their inheritance, as they raise up children for The King.