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I was invited to Tenerife by my friend who has been there for 38 years. We were 4 women in total, and although it was nice to relax, and get some sun, we were out and about Evangelising,and witnessing to holidaymakers.

The South Tenerife Christian Fellowship, in Los Cristianos, always makes us very welcome, and asked us to Minister to the Church, and to the women's groups in two separate place. Silencio, was the other town, and fellowship. We witnessed to the homeless that were living in shop doorways, and to the people who were squatting in the empty shops.
 One man gave his life to Jesus.


The Church still has no residing Pastor, and we are still praying for that to happen, quickly. The elders lead the meetings, and they are usually full to the brim, even in time of covid.
It was a lovely time, spent with the Churchs there, but they desperately need the power of The Holy Spirit to move on into this new season. God bless the men and women who are Faithful, and keep the services running, all year round, regardless. They invited us back, well i was asked to stay for 3 months, but it was not possible for me. But, I returned again in November, by invitation. It was all so different, as we had to wear masks, and sit 2 meters apart. Not many people came, but The Word was given, along with Testimonies. We met the people who run Noahs Ark.

They have a center in Adjeke,where they accommodate, and feed the homeless on the island. Now there is a lot of Muslim men and women coming over from Africa, mainly Sennegal, and the ministry is getting stretched to the limits. The Christian Army of people, however, soldier on regardless, and thank Jesus for every opportunity to witness and to help.