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Hi Friends
Here is my latest report  Trip to Hungary April 2005

My Team Members are Glynis Berry, and Mr Alex Humphreys
This trip was arranged by Mr Alex Humpherys, as the Lord laid it upon his heart, to see for himself the miracle of the child that was crippled from birth. He had seen Erica last year, and his compassion for the little girl bought him to tears.  It was urgent for him to see the little girl Erica, who was virtually paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors had said it was a birth defect, and nothing much could be done. The doctors wanted to do an operation to investigate, and to put some artificial metal rods in to support the legs, but they didn't t know that our God is a miracle working God. Erica is now walking, and we are all absolutely amazed at the work

Mr Humphreys & Erica

 of HIS hand  It really is an absolute Miracle, and Mr Humphreys just had to see for himself. The trip went smoothly, and Dani and Kati, gave the usual greetings of hugs, kisses and songs. Kati told us of her Father, Zoltan, who can now hear, as he was deaf, he had partial vision, and now he can drive his car. He had diabetes for over 5 years, and is now completely healed and no longer needs insulin, WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE.

Erica Walking

  The weather was very mild this time, so the dirt roads were easy to drive on, as Mr. Humphreys had hired a car, and I had driven it up to the villages. So many wonderful things are happening in these 7 small villages. I gave Miclosh,a #20 note, and as little as it is, it has changed his life. He lives in Nyiravicvari, and he could not go for his driving test, because he did not have that great amount of money. Since coming home, I have heard that he has passed his test with flying colors, and now that will enable him to get a driving job, so that he can support his wife and child and mother and 3 sisters. Hortensia, in Nyirbator ,is living with her mother and 9 brothers and sisters, they all live in a 2 rooms in a  shed type building, and they had not had electric for 5 months, we bought them #50 of food, and took a lot of toiletries and clothes. We have since sent some money to pay for the electricity bill. They are very happy for the little help that we can give.


 We have a new extra teaching curriculum now in 2 of the villages, so the children, as well as some of the adults can receive the extra support in reading and writing. Mr. Humphreys has said that he will keep a 3 monthly progress watch on little Erica, who is actually walking, although she needs special shoes and calipers, Mr Humphreys is going to pay for all her medical needs. He is so overawed at the miracle of this child's healing, which was done through a great deal of prayer, her mother promised she would not let the girl have the operation for 1 year, while they waited to see what the Lord would do.

Melanie & Erica

 One of my friends, who is a teacher is going out for 2 weeks to help with teaching and child developement. Iits SO exciting..things are happening, and now people are coming on board to help, with this worth while work, Im happy to see the fruits of our labour.

New birth of a horse

The fields are white for harvest, and now I believe, after 10 years hard work, The LORD is sending in his waterers and reapers, and planters

Glory to our God Forever, in The name of Jesus, which is what this work is ALL about
God Bless