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 The Director Missionary  Melanie Price flying out to missionary stations in Hungary on Ukraine country border Saturday 19th March coordinating the logistic on the missionary field. .

 There are so many refugees flooding in and the local people who have a low income struggling to feed, find sleeping arrangements and clothes and medicines for the desperate refugees fleeing form Ukraine WAR Zone.

 A lorry has set out 17th March 3 days overland to arrive when Melanie flies in.

The needs are DESPERATE.

 How can YOU help. You ask.

1. Pray and Fast this war will end soon.

2. Send clothes, dried food, medicine to collection points for lorries.

3.Send us money to pay for the lorries to transport aid. Each lorry cost 6,000 to send to Hungary we can get the cost down 1,000 a lorry.

You can BACS to the sunflowertust Bank account.                                 Paypal

We are experience in relief provision since our first relief mission to Romania in 1990.