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Going to the Ukraine was long over due, and we had waited for over 3 years.

It was a two hour journey from Hungary into Ukraine, and then another two hour wait on the borders to get in.  Pastor Josef and his wife Ulunka,were there to meet and greet us.

Sheila Hargreaves, from Wales, sitting on a bench in the Church in Homog, Ukraine

This is a Church planting from the Living Waters Church, Nyirbeltek. (Templom Elete Vize).  The people in the village of Homog, are extremely poor, and the children were barefooted with knotted hair. The dirt track road led to a small hamlet of homes that were so poor. Here the Pastor had his Church. The local children folowed us, inquisitive to know who we were. We eneded up in the little building used for the gathering of the people.

A Group photo showing Pastor Josef, and wife Ulunka, and our group, Dani, kati, Sheila and Melanie..

Many people came asking for prayer as there was many sicknesses amongst the people.

..Kati, Ministering to one of the 8 boys who yeilded to the call of Jesus, and gave their lives to Him.

When we went into the bulilding the wind of the Holy Spirit came, and people started to cry, and yield to the call of His bidding. One by one the young men came forward, and humbly recieved their Salvation in Jesus Name. No preaching was done, no evangelisim was said, but just Praise and Worship to the King of Kings, and the people recieved.

The Church was edified, and the people encouraged. The work was done.

 Melanie Giving Ulunka a big hug from Jesus, we all need one

This is reaching out to the lost and the lonely and the rejected ones in Jesus Name

Thank God for the Love of Jesus, or else we d all be lost forever